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Will Magic Keys be limited

Finally, in August of 2022, Disneyland announced that Magic Key pass renewals would begin on August 18th, 2022. No new sales will undoubtedly be allowed at this time, but existing passholders are certain to get the chance to renew. But this is not a “return to business as usual.” Instead, Disney has made some pretty significant changes to elements of the pass system and had added language that might sound particularly on point to you. Based on my experiences at Disneyland since the pandemic, I’m perfectly okay with not paying these charges for the privilege of visiting every couple of weeks and instead taking a couple days each year on a normal ticket. For less than the expense of the Believe key, I can hold a pass to every other major park in California, and for roughly the same cost as the Inspire key, I could do a week-long a vacation to almost anywhere in the united states. For me it is extremely sad and frustrating that my pass expires in under a week . 5, while there is no news about renewals. The girl I talked

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  • The way things are worded sounds like they could cut it all off and leave many with no options at all to renew.
  • They underestimated the amount of guest/visitors that want and utilize the annual passes.
  • However, it seems simpler to gain access to an Annual Pass back then, because the Magic Keys sell out extremely fast, and Disneyland offers them in limited supply.

We called and were first told that annual passes always had to be renewed ahead of expiration. (That’s a lie.) On our second call to defend our magic keys, we pointed out that we were told, and found proof on the site, that renewals would be available for 1 month after expiration. They then responded by saying that ‘terms and conditions may change without notice’. If we could have gone over there in person to get our magic keys today, we would have gladly waited all night in line, but we live out of state.

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Those looking to get a Disneyland Magic Key Pass could snatch one of these highly demanded passes today, just with time for the start of the Disney100 celebrations at the California theme park. Is this frustrating for individuals who are paying for the Disneyland Dream Key or, put simply, the resort’s most expensive and supposedly blockout date-free annual pass?

  • DVC members get yourself a $20 discount on the Disneyland annual passes, except the Imagine Key, that is not discounted.
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  • matter, all tiers have different blockout dates.

Would be nice if MK passes were treated as park hopper tickets like the old AP passes were. Inside the Magic consists of multiple writers & videographers living near both Disneyland and Walt Disney World theme parks and all over the world. This allows us to create you the most interesting, entertaining, and unique entertainment experiences, covering theme parks, movies, TV, video gaming, and special events. Created in 2005, what started as a little central Florida-based website and short weekly podcast that allowed our audience to visit Walt Disney World virtually has grown into the publishing company it is today. We concentrate on bringing you all things fun so that you can plan your theme park vacation, enjoy Disney at home, and more.

Magic Key annual passholders also have access to a variety of exclusive benefits, from Magic Key swag to a monthlong recognition celebration. If any passes remain available when it’s your turn, you’ll have ten minutes to enter the website. Entering the site does not guarantee the capability to purchase any Magic Key pass. Annual passholders have access to exclusive “Annual Passholder” branded merchandise throughout Disneyland resort. Most commonly, this gear likely to be found at the primary stores of the parks. Occasionally other items are passholder-exclusive, such as this Steamboat Willie popcorn bucket.

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When you can work around the blockout dates, the Disney Believe Key annual pass is worth it in the event that you make three two-day trips to Disneyland in a year. For SoCal residents, the Believe Key is a $650 upgrade from the Imagine Key to reduce some blockout dates, expand your reservation count from two to six, and go from 25% to 50% off parking. Alternatively, it’s a $400 upgrade from the Enchant Key to lose some blockout dates, expand your reservation count from 4-6, and go from 25% to 50% off parking. Pretty much every year, there’s a cost increase on annual passes. They vary, but are often at least a few percent, which can add up when you’re talking about hundreds or thousands of dollars in the first place. Just take into account that if Disney is raising prices year after year, you’ll want to evaluate your needs every year.

It also notes that individuals, by agreeing to the, are waiving their rights to resolve the dispute in a court of law. Remember how we discussed how one of the big factors in the event will be “whether a Disneyland Dream Key annual pass constitutes a good or service as Nielsen’s lawyers contend or a temporary license as Disney contends”? Well, it appears Disney is addressing that moving forward with language on their site. Pass sales were opened to all guests for about each day in November 2022 before being paused again, and have yet to resume. If you’d prefer to know our opinion on how long these passes will be for sale before they become unavailable again? If you’re focused on learning to be a Magic Key holder, the safe bet is to enter there and grab one soon.

Understand that these do vary a little from pass to pass. So, be sure to keep the specifics at heart when deciding which Magic Key is right for you personally. New Year’s Eve, Saturdays in July and October, and some spare weekends.

Customers would have a year to use them, unused tickets would go to the bottom of the junk drawer together with your old “A” tickets. Something like that could meet up with the need of the neighborhood who likes to go to Disneyland five times a year—but not five days in a row. Do you wish there is a way you could display your Magic Key holder pride? Well, because of special Magic Key-branded merchandise, you can! Get yourself a key embroidered on your own Mickey Ears, snag a themed popcorn bucket or claim other collectibles made just for annual passholders.

Imagine – $449

Believe Key is better than the Enchant Key, but you’re still missing the major vacation windows. The Enchant Key loses most Saturdays and the entire month of July, but otherwise, honestly, its calendar is really workable. If the parks will be so busy they hit reservation capacity, the Enchant Key is most likely going to be blocked out anyway. Am I so certain of this that I’d rush to buy an Enchant Key even if I had no flexibility in the trips I could take? Currently the only way to buy a Magic Key is online or in the Disneyland app. Below are a few notes on current discount and payment plan options.