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Why is my credit card declined when I have money

Keep another card as backup, as well as your debit card and some cash in your wallet just in case.
While there are lots of reasons transactions could be declined, it helps when retailers have a set method of troubleshooting or remedying the problem to provide the very best customer service.

  • Let the cashier know in the event that you plan to step out of line and try to resolve the problem immediately or if you will come back to complete the purchase later.
  • You can contact the card company to see whether your account can be reactivated.

Dealing with a declined charge card while holding up a long line of customers at the money register is embarrassing, also it often leaves the buyer angry or concerned about fraud.
But obvious, some credit card providers send renewal cards very near to the expiration date.
Many people are not tuned to their upcoming card expiration dates, also it may have caught you by surprise.
At that moment, you need to complete the purchase with a different method of payment.

Confirm The Card Is Valid

If you encounter any issues, feel absolve to reach us via  or submit a ticket via this form.
This message indicates the expiration date on the card has passed, and the card is no longer valid for use.
Moreover, a negative dunning strategy can also push one to get blacklisted.
Chargebee’s dunning management includes in its armory, the Smart Retry which brings in understanding of why the payment failed to begin with and automates the dunning response to it.

  • Monitor your card account regularly which means you always understand how much credit you’re dealing with when you’re about to make a purchase.
  • the principal cardholder of any accounts your information is on, and track any upcoming expiration dates which could impact your card use.
  • However when it happens to you, it’s frustrating, embarrassing and when you don’t have an alternate form of payment, it’s rather a huge hassle.

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Prevent False Blocks And False Declines

Try to make sure that your credit limit is high enough to take care of these kinds of holds.
When a credit card is declined it’ll create a ‘declined’ message on the terminal while you are trying to make a purchase.
If you’re shopping online, you may see a similar message saying that the purchase could not be completed.
This experience can be embarrassing and stressful, especially if you don’t immediately have another solution to purchase the purchase.
Using your credit card in another state or country is actually a red flag to your credit card company, as it might assume the card was stolen.

and keep track of balances for each of one’s credit cards which means you aren’t blindsided by reaching the limit before your monthly statement period ends.
If you find yourself near to the limit regularly, contact your issuer to request an increased credit limit and that means you have more of a spending cushion.