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Why is it so hard to get a first credit card


Your lender or insurer may use another FICO® Score than FICO® Score 8, or another type of credit score altogether.
Experian’s credit monitoring service is free and will be offering usage of your FICO® Score☉ and Experian credit report.
Additionally, you’ll receive real-time alerts when changes are created to your credit report, so that you can verify them for accuracy and address potential errors and fraud because they come up.
There are a large number of different credit cards available in the U.S., and several of them have unique features that can make them a better fit for you personally than others.
The time between your statement date and the deadline, which typically lasts at least 21 days, can be your grace period.
During this time, you can pay your balance in full without incurring interest.
If you carry a balance from every month, however, you’ll be charged interest on the unpaid balance.

A card issuer may let applicants get automatically considered if their credit profile carries excellent credit or should they obtain a secured card.
This card should come together with your name on the account, though you don’t carry any responsibility for making payments.
Having credit cards can feel and become liberating, but you want to be able to maintain that feeling minus the chains of debt holding you down.
Your financial troubles to income ratio also impacts your credit worthiness and capability to get credit in the future, so be smart when working with your charge card.
When your credit history is lowered, it makes it harder and much more costly to obtain credit in the foreseeable future.
For example, your capability to buy a car or house could possibly be impacted.
It can even impact your ability to secure a flat or employment.