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Why is Apple Pay asking for my SSN

If your account is fixed, you can still transfer your Apple Cash balance to your bank or utilize it to make purchases with Apple Pay.
Information about disbursements you obtain or direct payments that you make can be used by Green Dot Bank and Apple Payments Inc. only to provide the service you have requested, to troubleshoot, to adhere to applicable laws, and to prevent fraud for these transactions.
Apple Payments Inc. retains transaction records, including transactions flagged as suspicious, as required by federal and state law for a period as high as five years.

Your account may be locked if there’s suspected fraud on the account, or if additional security checks ought to be completed.
If your account is locked, you can’t use Apple Cash to make purchases, send or get money, add money to your account, or transfer money to your bank.
Erasing your device remotely using Find My also removes the ability to pay with the cards that you were using with Apple Pay.

The criteria is no less strengthen for this account as it would be if you were to open a bank-account in your area.
Apple Payments Inc. will store and use your transaction data for troubleshooting, to prevent fraud, and to comply with financial regulations once a transaction is completed.

To verify your identity, Green Dot Bank will request social security numbers along with other personal information to ensure that customers are eligible to utilize the service.
To verify your identity, Green Dot Bank will request social security numbers along with other personal information to make sure that customers are eligible to use the service.”
Green Dot Bank may share this transaction-related information with your financial institution and the payment network (for instance, Visa or American Express) for fraud prevention.

Eastern Bank Foundation

To send your payment information, you must authenticate using Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode (except by using Express Mode with a payment or transit card).
With Face ID or with Apple Watch, you need to double-click the medial side button when the device is unlocked to activate your default card for payment.

  • Apple created Apple
  • THESE DEVICES Account Number can’t be decrypted by Apple but is stored in the Secure Element—an industry-standard, certified chip designed to store your
  • If you close your Apple Cash account, information about the account, including transaction history, will undoubtedly be retained as required for legal reasons and for fraud prevention.
  • We may also share information with our partner bank or Apple Inc. for fraud prevention and to help present you with support.

You can use the amount of money in your Apple Cash account to make purchases with Apple Pay to get, in apps, and on the web, and you may transfer money to your bank.
Transactions which were made making use of your physical card will not be listed.
Also, when making purchases at certain merchants, such as restaurants, hotels, and gasoline stations, you may see different transaction amounts from the ultimate amount posted back.
Clothing retailers, food markets, pharmacies, restaurants, along with other shops accept Apple Pay.
Just look for the contactless logo at checkout to see if the store accepts mobile payments.
We suggest you carry your physical cards to utilize where Apple Pay is not accepted.
This security step enables us to verify that you’re the owner of the debit card being added.

Other Accounts

The graduated account will continue steadily to see information about transactions that occurred ahead of graduation.
Apple would never ask for your social security number for a backup.
Even when applying for the Apple Card on iPhone for Apple Wallet, you will not be asked to enter your entire SS#.
“To protect your account, you might be asked to verify your identity when working with Apple Cash or applying for Apple Card.”
If your identity is unable to be verified, you won’t manage to use each of the top features of Apple Cash, including sending and receiving money and adding money to your Apple Cash balance.

  • Like with in-store payments, Apple sends your Device Account
  • And Apple doesn’t receive any information about the rewards transaction apart from what’s displayed on the pass.
  • Your personal data stored with Apple Payments Inc. is used only to supply you services that you request, for troubleshooting, regulatory purposes, and to prevent fraud for Apple Cash.

Apple Pay is designed with your security and privacy in mind, making it an easier and more secure way to pay than using your physical credit, debit, and prepaid cards.
Apple Pay uses security features built-in to the hardware and software of one’s device to greatly help protect your transactions.
In addition, to utilize Apple Pay, you’ll want a passcode set on your device and, optionally, Face ID or Touch ID.

Personal Overview

To greatly help prevent fraud while protecting your privacy, your device may evaluate information about specific device and account use patterns, such as for example events indicative of scams or familiarity with a sender or recipient, and generate risk assessments made to assist in preventing fraud.
For example, when you provision Apple Cash, in the same way when you add a card to Apple Pay, your device may evaluate device use patterns (for instance, percent of time device is in motion, approximate number of calls weekly).
Transactions requiring further analysis due to suspicious activity may be retained and associated with you.
You will see which transactions required further analysis due to suspicious activity by going to your Apple Cash card transaction history.

This prevents your card number from being exposed in a security breach.
To verify your identity, Green Dot Bank will request Social Security numbers and other personal information to ensure that customers are eligible to use the service.
To avoid fraud, ensure account security, and comply with regulations, your Apple Cash account could be restricted or locked.
Your account may also be restricted in the event that you dispute an unauthorized transaction with your bank and a chargeback is filed.
Your account restriction or lock could be temporary until you verify your identity or while your account is under review, or you may need to contact Apple Support for next steps.