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Why did I get denied for a Chase Freedom Unlimited card

After the hard inquire for chase my score in accordance with credit karma I dropped 16 points to 651 tu and 651 EU.
If the bonus on a card goes up within ~90 days, call and have Chase to bump up your bonus to complement the brand new offer.
Throughout a reconsideration call, you wish to explain to the representative why you need this new card and give them a good reason.

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  • It’s vital that you wait at the very least 48 months, or four years, after canceling or downgrading your Sapphire card to ensure you don’t qualify for a bonus.
  • But as long as you’re still under 5/24, focusing on Chase first is a sound strategy.

If you are interested in what Mark Reese does before trying to get a Chase card, here are six steps to obtain a feel for his process.
We normally do the following to increase our chances of being approved by Chase.
The legal drinking age varies by location; for example, in Alabama and Nebraska, it’s only 19, while in Puerto Rico, it’s 21.
If the applicant is married, both spouses can register for an account.
You’ve loaded up all of your groceries onto the belt and the cashier has finished scanning them.
Only instead of obtaining the typical “approved” message, the cashier tells you the card was declined.
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One Southwest Chase Credit Rule

Getting rejected for credit cards is unfortunate, but thankfully there shouldn’t be any permanent harm to your credit history.
The five-point hit to your credit history from the hard pull

as possible, you may want to put off trying to get new credit cards.
Chase credit card applicants who are initially rejected should keep in mind that calling the reconsideration number may create a reassessment of these application.
According to Chase, in the event that you fill out an application for the average Visa or Mastercard online, it’s possible to get approval in minutes.
Nearly instantaneous approvals are possible as the bank automatically cross checks your credit scores and financial data you provide against what the account requires.
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If you’re an authorized user and the primary cardmember removes you from the account or reports their card as lost/stolen, you’ll lose the opportunity to use your card.
For more information about this card’s offer, see our full review

How To Proceed If Your Application Is Denied

The credit score isn’t the thing that Chase considers when reviewing your application.
Fortunately, the approval requirement of Chase Freedom cards isn’t as strict are you aware that Chase Sapphire credit score requirements.
This card is normally for all those with “Good to Excellent” credit.

  • And if you may spend $15,000 during your cardmember anniversary year, you’ll receive an additional free night.
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One of these could be flagged as a preventative fraud assessment by Chase’s system, forcing one to cope with the reconsidering line.
Even though we don’t have enough evidence to say whether this includes business cards and personal ones, we treat all cards equally.
This isn’t required by all credit card companies and perhaps, is only an indicator.
But giving notice to your credit card company means you don’t have to experience a declined credit card when traveling.
Sometimes once you enter your credit card details, you might inadvertently mess up some of the numbers.

Cobranded Cards

Getting a pre-approval or perhaps a prequalification for a Chase charge card only means you could be approved in the event that you apply — not you will be approved.
It isn’t a sure thing, nonetheless it indicates you have good approval odds.
Prequalification is a wonderful step to take if you’re not sure whether your credit history or income will be high enough to obtain approved.