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Whose number is 8009220204

I canceled the plan and was told that I would receive a shipping label via email, with which to return the phone. A week passed, and still no shipping label, necessitating another call to Verizon. I was then told I did not need to return the phone and I would not be charged. This did not make any sense to me, as there was a remaining balance due on the cost of the phone. I tried to log into my account, but Verizon had now blocked me from accessing my account.

  • I’m in the process now of changing to AT&T.
  • They insisted that I set up a payment arrangement, which is funny because I had been trying to get the bill so I could pay it for over a month.
  • I am disappointed and frustrated with Verizon for making a mistake on my order, wasting my time, and failing to honor the original promo code.
  • It was their error and as of this moment I still cannot reach anyone.

I have used this service for at least 10 years. It is the most expensive service that have ever spent money on and their service sucks. I paid my bill late and I’ve been arguing with people on the phone since yesterday and my phone is still not active. All this company does is take your money. If you have a option go anywhere else!!.

Verizon Authorized Retailer – Bh Wireless

We wanted to have one account and do a family plan to save money together. It was a pretty straightforward request. We worked with a customer service representative for over 1 hour to complete this request. (October 25th) – Spouse called, and was told “you switched in 20 days, you have to pay the promo amount back”.

I requested a significant discount for my trouble and time. They offered free device protection for 3 months.

I’ve had an account with Verizon forever and all I’m doing is switching from a personal plan to a business unlimited. Well, now my phone doesn’t work and I can’t access my old account or the new one I set up. This is seriously a joke of a company.

Verizon Additional Resources

When we returned they charged us for international for the next 4 months until I spent hours on the phone trying to get customer service to fix it. Then for some reason (I have an iPhone) I couldn’t get texts or calls from android users. Since my phone line is also for my small business who know how many customers I couldn’t reach. I had to fight them over the phone for compensation and help. NOW my wife’s phone isn’t getting texts from androids. I also never got the compensation I was promised from the last issue.

I called the collection agency and finally got to a supervisor. I told her I would report the matter and write negative customer reviews. Verizon’s customer service has gone downhill and I feel helpless in having my money refunded. My credit score is over 800 and I’m afraid they will report this if I don’t pay. I’ve been with Verizon for 20 years with zero missed payments. I am not sure how me questioning their charges came to this with no communication on their end. I want the approximately $320 returned to me and I want the $188.63 collections charge dropped.

Not only did I waste 3 1/2 hours with drive time, but $30 in gas to find out this store won’t help me. The blatant discrimination and the total lack of any type of customer service by the employees at the Carmel Mountain Store is unacceptable. Would not recommend this store at all. After my experience, I saw many other reviews about the bad service at this location. I went to the Arroyo Grande store and left after a salesperson tried to pressure me and I left. I came back a few weeks later and met Eric, who was great and I am so thankful. He even went to my car a few days after to make sure my phone and car were connected.


We were also promised that we could return our iPhone 14 for iPhone 14 pros within 30 days. We did call and ordered our iPhone 14 pros within the allotted time. Verizon said our new phones would be in the 24th of October. Her comment was that they invoiced me every month and I should have seen it.

The first thing Verizon did was take away my access to my account. Since they took away my account access, they should have mailed a bill, which would have been forwarded but they didn’t. I even went into a local Verizon store to inquire and they said my bill was mailed, but I never got anything. Then Verizon put the final amount, over $1500 through on autopay, which caused it to be returned because I don’t keep that much in my checking account.