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Which is better slice or uni

Essentially, startups like LazyPay, KreditBee, Simpl, and others in their ilk issue small credit on the checkout page—just before you’re going to confirm your order, for instance.
Also, clarity round the fact that credit card startups were essentially just a discovery and customer acquisition tool, and that heavily regulated banks were the actual custodians of customer data was ideal for the sector to reposition itself.
BNPL cards are for young adults who may be availing credit for the very first time, or for customers who need liquidity support within their monthly spends — a widespread phenomenon in the post-covid scenario.
A Goldman Sachs note said the charge card linkage proposal is defined going to the BNPL-based fintech companies and could result in higher issuance of bank cards due to simplicity of UPI.
Slice’s rolling back of its USP saw much outrage on social media.
Users told Inc42 that since they would have to clear their 1-in-3 Slice payments in the first month itself, it’s proving to be costlier than some credit cards.

It offers the users to split their bills and pay them over a few months without additional charges.
Offering around Rs.10 lakhs in credit, Slice is used by more than 12 million users in the united kingdom.
Before comparing the two we should know very well what slice cards and UNI cards are.
Slice is really a digital platform offering slide cards for transactions.
Both these Fintech cards have become popular as they have changed the way of doing payments and are growing and more popular among millennials.
Let’s discuss in greater detail the features and benefits these cards offer to help you select from them.

  • You get the physical charge card as well to utilize for offline purchases.
  • But sources near to the company
  • Slice later clarified calling it a technical glitch, but it could have undoubtedly spooked some users after the major change around interest-free payments.
  • You will need to generate a gift card through the slice mobile app.
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It’s a big decision, and with UNI currently enjoying a stellar run over the past month (up 75% since June 20), there might not be too much appetite to spook the bulls with new tokenomics.
There’s been a long-standing debate within the DeFi community in regards to a small piece of code in Uniswap, the popular decentralized exchange.
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In addition, the brand new method includes a great potential to lessen metal artifacts, e.g., in the hip region.
Whether the digital lending framework was good or harmful to the and fintech innovation, in general, is available to conjecture, but that the guidelines were formulated keeping the end-consumer at heart is really a unanimous opinion in the market.
According to the RBI, the total active credit cards as on February 2022 are about 71 million whereas the total active debit cards are 935 million.
There is a near infinite potential for all types of plastic card issuers as the market remains hugely under penetrated.

  • When he founded Slice in 2016, the idea was to focus on students and young users as a lending platform.
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  • This is an open secret that lots of internet firms, especially B2C companies, are engaged in selling data to third-party apps, fintech firms and other corporations,” another industry insider said.
  • Dominating in the transportation sector, OlaMoney in addition has launched its own charge card with SBI.

they simply didn’t want to handle the risk assessment headache.
But fintechs took on the responsibility and the market opportunity for lending is huge.

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Among other new rules, the RBI has said fin-tech firms should recover charges of facilitating an electronic loan from their banking partners, not the borrowers.
And the firms must appoint nodal officers and have better checks on user data.
Flipkart has been bullish on the buy-now-pay-later business, saying in May it doubled its user base for the service to more than 6 million in seven months.

Slice cards are better than UNI cards predicated on cashback on every transaction made by slide cards.
But on the UNI card, you can find 1% cashback if the entire repayment is done

One of the first digital payments apps in the country Paytm offers credit facilities to its users with plenty of benefits.
Paytm offers co-branded bank cards with different banks like SBI and gives many offers and cash backs.

So let’s dive directly into the list and see the number one charge card app in India.
Slice allows us to pay our bills in Easy Monthly Installments(EMI).
Initially when the Slice card premiered Slice had not been used to charge in the event that you split your bill into three installments.
LazyPay’s website, for instance, now says “LazyPay is India’s best unsecured loan and pay later option”, while ZestMoney’s website says, “Personalized credit limit as high as 2 lac”.
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Plus they don’t provide enough context on the issues they cover.
I don’t always trust everything they state but I appreciate their commitment to publishing deeply reported narratives and investigations.

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right into a credit card-like PPI product with no interest, no annual charges no late fees.
It enables visitors to pay using digitally equated monthly payments (EMIs), with no need for credit cards or a credit history and provides credit information, financial counseling, and much more.
ZestMoney was founded in 2015 and is situated in Bengaluru, India.
“When it involves extending credit lines, it is usually the NBFC from where the credit is sourced.
The bank partnerships are leveraged for logistical support, technology, card issuance and more.