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Which brand of cars last the longest

Placed in the proper hands, this vehicle can last over 500,000 miles and still run strong.
It may not be as recognized as it ought to be, but Irv Gordon, having driven his 1966 model until 2018, when he offered, will do sign that the automobile is excellent.
By 2018, the P1800 had recorded over 3.25 million miles on the odometer.

  • Toyota’s Prius is the only other hybrid, and the only real other non-utility vehicle, to display this degree of reliability.
  • The Tesla Model S had the longest lifespan among electric vehicles at 133,998 miles, followed by the Nissan Leaf at 98,081.

Either way, luxury will there be to enjoy for years with amenities like

These Are The Safest 2023 Vehicles You Can Buy Right Now

The following list draws on respected owner research and the advice of master mechanics.
As mentioned above, the way you take care of your car factors

The Civic will come in various configurations, however the go-to for greatest longevity is the conventional gasoline-fueled in-line four-cylinder engine with automatic transmission.
Depending upon trim level, the Civic could be equipped with a multitude of features including a multi-speaker audio system, steering-wheel-mounted controls, and Bluetooth.
The Civic’s safety story is solid, too — antilock brakes, electronic brake distribution, traction control, stability control, and multi-stage airbags.
Buy a good car that promises longevity; pay it back as soon as you can, and then reap the advantages of that car ownership for a long time (decades?) in to the future.
Of course, the initial step is to choose a car that’ll be long-lasting, and we’ve you covered there.

Which Cars Last The Longest? Many Of Them Are Toyotas

Honda comes with an impressive resumé aswell, hence the Ridgeline’s appearance here.
The top 1 percent of H-branded pickups on the road today have gone at the very least 248,669 miles.
As well, millions of people who previously commuted to their jobs put fewer miles on their cars while they worked from your home, further extending the life span of these vehicles.
In most cases of thumb, most drivers consider the 200,000-mile mark top of the limit of a car’s lifespan, although some models clearly have the potential to visit much farther.

  • Toyota dominated the competition, with six of the most notable 10 and eight of the most notable 15 longest-lasting vehicles, both which were well above the next highest brand.
  • It includes good drivability and startling 29 mpg combined fuel economy rating.
  • Though it has recorded over a million miles on the odometer, it’s still moving.
  • The next tables show an expanded set of the longest lasting cars, by model category.

will all reduce a car’s longevity and reliability.
How long could an automobile, truck, or SUV last in the event that you took excellent care of it?
Many can last over a quarter-million miles, and something bumps up against 300,000.
The rest of the above-average brands are American, with Chevrolet ranking third, Cadillac ranking fourth, GMC ranking fifth, Ford ranking sixth, and Ram ranking seventh.
These brands all feature long-lasting SUVs and pickups, adding to their above-average ranking.

Latest Car Buying Tips

In fact, many reviewers consider this vehicle to function as most reliable Mazda model yet, as evidenced by its impressive dependability score of 4.0 out of 5.0 from RepairPal.
The Porsche 356 has proven certainly that it’s one of the greatest classic cars for daily driving.