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What to do if someone has your Social Security number

You should also file a written report with the Federal Trade Commission if you’ve lost your Social Security number and you’re concerned about identity theft.
If someone uses your Social Security number to file for a tax refund before you do, you’ll usually find out when you file your return with the IRS.
Keep your tax records and Social Security card in a safe place.

However, here are a few methods for you to keep up-to-date with any unusual activity which may be related to someone else using it.
You can monitor your credit reports and bank accounts, verify your income with the Social Security Administration, and request tax transcripts with the IRS.

Also you can file complaints with, the inner Revenue Service, and the web Crime Center to report any suspicious activity.
File a police report with your local police agency and acquire a copy of the report.
Here’s a checklist of immediate and next steps to take if you are a victim.
An Extended Alert will remain on your report for seven years.
If you believe your SSN might have been stolen but haven’t any proof fraud occurring, you could place a fraud alert on your own credit report rather than a credit freeze.
Rather than restricting access to your credit report, a fraud alert asks businesses checking your credit to verify your identity before offering credit in your name.

Are There Any State Laws About Identity Theft?

It’s essential for you and your loved ones to always stay vigilant and understand how to protect yourself from Social Security-related fraud.
If your identity has been stolen, it is critical that you act quickly to minimize any damage.
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Children are targets for identity thieves because they have a blank credit score and the theft of a child’s identity may go undetected for years.
If you can’t confirm your identity utilizing the IRS’ online Identity Verification Service, you can call the IRS at the telephone number included in the letter.
• Use IRS Form to alert the IRS that someone has filed a return using your identification.

If you don’t are starting a fresh position and also have an offer in hand, you ought not provide your SSN to a recruiter.
Don’t take with you your Social Security card in your wallet.
Try to memorize your SSN which means you need not take your card out each time you’re filling out a document that will require it.
If you have to provide your number on the phone, make sure you’re far away from others who could possibly hear it.
These kinds of hacks happen frequently, and within their aftermath, identity theft can have a long-lasting impact on a person’s credit score.

My Social Security Card How Can I Protect Myself?

Yes, but you need to lift the freeze to secure a new credit card or loan.
It is possible to lift it for a period, or you can lift it for a specific creditor, or it is possible to lift it permanently.
After you send your letter asking for the freeze, each one of the credit scoring agencies will send you an individual Identification Number (PIN).
There are a variety of ways to lift the freeze (by mail, phone or Internet) making use of your PIN.

  • of data compromises in the U.S. was up 68% in 2021 from the previous year, based on the Identity Theft Resource Center.
  • Losing your Social Security number (SSN) can be a stressful experience.
  • There are databases online that can scan the net for leaked personal information.
  • If you have been assigned an Employer Identification Number (EIN) that you didn’t request, you should first determine if someone acted legitimately on your behalf.
  • For example, with a new SSN, you might not benefit from the credit history you built with the prior one, and you’ll have trouble getting medical health insurance or perhaps a mortgage or other loan, or renting an apartment.

But just because it’s a constant threat doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to safeguard yourself.
Here’s how to keep your individual information safe and what to do if your Social Security number has been stolen.
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Placing a fraud alert with one credit bureau extends the alert to all three.

For more information, you may even contact the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), and any office of the Comptroller of the Currency online Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.
It’s also advisable to check your online bank and charge card accounts for suspicious purchases or large withdrawals.
Criminals may have used your Social Security number to gain access to these accounts.
Depending on how worried you are about identity thieves, you can check these online accounts daily for suspicious activity.
Different credit issuers may use different credit reporting agencies.
If you need to stop your credit history from being viewed, you will need a security freeze with Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

There are actions you can take to keep your Social Security number confidential to prevent identity theft.
Credit monitoring can assist you detect possible identity fraud sooner, and may prevent surprises once you apply for credit.