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What stores do not accept American Express

For example, your primary card could become lost, stolen or compromised in some way, leaving you without a credit card until it’s replaced. Having more than one card that you manage responsibly can also add to your positive credit history and improve your credit score. You will NOT earn additional rewards for purchases made at a restaurant owned by a U.S. company but located outside the U.S. (e.g., Hard Rock Café in Paris). Heavy speculation mentioned that it mostly revolved around the costs to process credit card payments. [newline]Analysts believed that Costco’s transition to Visa would result in hundreds of millions of dollars in annual savings, due to lower credit card interchange fees. Maybe you have been frustrated trying to use your American Express card only to be rebuffed by an establishment you are trying to patronize. Or possibly you’re a merchant who has held out due to the perception of higher fees, but is now considering accepting Amex as a way to attract more customers.

In turn, merchants know whether American Express’ clientele will shop at their store or not which will determine whether they’ll accept Amex or not. Local stores can accept American Express cards but are more likely to prefer Visa or MasterCard because of the low fees. Visa and MasterCard charge less because they do not create their cards and act as intermediaries between all parties. They work with many banks and institutions to handle these transactions. Instead, American Express operates as a closed system by issuing its accounts and cards. It allows the company to benefit more from the purchase and offer more to the customer without having to negotiate with other banks.

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In addition to these cards, American Express offers an array of top-notch travel credit cards and rewards cards for business and personal use. But it’s still wise to have a backup plan if you’re stuck at the register. For example, with the Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express, you can earn 6% back on your first $6,000 in U.S. supermarket purchases every year, then 1% afterward. This card does charge a $95 annual fee ($0 intro annual fee for the first year), but you can make up for that in a hurry with such a high rate of return on your grocery spending. If you’re looking to open a new Amex credit card, there are plenty of choices that offer robust rewards programs in common spending categories, such as gas, groceries, dining and travel.

Eligible retail merchants can have both in store and online presence; however, only the online purchases at these eligible retail merchants will qualify as a U.S. While Costco did not state outright that it was due to high interchange fees, the company did say that it couldn’t come to an agreement on the financial terms with American Express. Previously, the popular warehouse club was partnered only with American Express – not the other three major credit card networks. And with the ever-increasing rate of data breaches and fraudulent transactions, having a card issuer who can respond swiftly and take care of the problem before it escalates is becoming more important than ever. “I prefer when it is easy to exchange goods and services. Any friction in the process can detract from the experience itself.” Let’s go back to the difference between credit and debit card interchange rates.

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  • American Express charges a slightly higher fee than competitors in addition to having a slightly higher merchant fee.
  • If there is an issue between the business and the customer, American Express will resolve it within hours, unlike other cards that can take three business days or longer to fix the problem.

It all boils down to their business model, how they earn profits, and the type of customer they serve. Please ask questions and contribute to the knowledge surrounding credit cards. Both Kroger and Walmart accept the American Express card, in addition to all other major credit cards. In this article, I explained why AMEX’s acceptance rate was slow and why it’s been increasing faster more recently. But we’ll also explore their merchant fees and compare them to Visa and Mastercard, and talk about why they are higher. According to Nerdwallet, in 2017 American Express charged merchants almost twice the amount in swipe fees than Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

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Since these merchants have relatively cheaper options, it makes sense that they’ll prefer those and reject AMEX, right? Let’s learn a bit about the “interchange fee” and what AMEX charges compared to other major cards.

In other words, they’ll make more money by accepting other cards. The Blue Cash Everyday Card has a separate rewards category for purchases at U.S. supermarkets, which includes online grocery orders. You will NOT earn additional rewards for marina or any type of commercial fuel (e.g.,- jet fuel). When a customer uses a debit card, the transaction has a smaller discount rate for merchants, usually 1%. He explained that, in many cases, the deciding factor of whether or not to work with American Express comes down to the card’s discount rate (this is a fee paid by merchants to credit card processors). Essentially, it costs stores some of its profit every time you swipe your credit card. So use cash instead when you can and check out the 10 times you should never even use your credit card. [newline]International acceptance data wasn’t immediately available, but the gap with Visa and Mastercard is big enough that AmEx has made closing it a priority.

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It turns out that the fees charged by American Express are the highest (relative to similar cards). About 1% of all grocery stores choose not to accept American Express. A purchase will not qualify for additional points if the merchant’s code is not eligible or if we do not receive information that identifies your purchase as qualifying for additional points. If you think you should have received additional rewards for a purchase, please call the number on the back of your Card.

As a result, many businesses make the choice to accept certain cards based on which incur the lowest transaction fees. If you’re a merchant on the fence, the time is now to accept all cards because the fees for accepting American Express are now in line with other card brands like Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. If you’re paying higher merchant fees with another provider, we can confidently add American Express processing and lower your overall costs by reducing the mark-up on your processing. If you prefer, you can also use our online form to start getting better service and lower rates for credit card processing, point of sale, and more. Small businesses may not be able to absorb the high costs of accepting Amex cards in some cases. There is a significant difference between the price of a credit card transaction and the cost of a credit card transaction based on a number of factors, including the type of card and the amount of card used.