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What is the 15 5 rule hotel

Normally, when anyone gives a smile in return you also need to give warm smile. When somebody says hello also you need to say hello in return it’s a human tendency, which goes to further interaction. A lot of well-known organizations in and out of the hospitality industry have embraced their versions of the 10 and 5 Staff Rule. Successful companies in and out of the hospitality industry have adopted their own versions of the 10 and 5 Staff Rule.

Move your perishable inventory and give your average rate a boost by providing guests an opportunity to upgrade their room prior to arrival or at check-in with an irresistible offer. Different market segments will be willing to pay different rates at different times. For example, wholesalers book well in advance and expect discounted rates, whereas OTA distribution channels can be a good source of last-minute bookings. Monitor which market segments are booking which room types and when, and adjust rates accordingly. Instead of always having higher rates on busy nights, consider implementing stay restrictions such as closed-to-arrival (CTA) or a minimum length of stay (MinLOS) to boost occupancy on shoulder nights. However, if demand is strong, a better strategy might be to increase the rate to $249. Even if the hotel sells only six rooms, it will still end up further ahead, with $1,494 in revenue and a 50% yield.

This includes adjusting rates by time of year (season) and day of week, during conferences and events, and in response to changes in occupancy and market conditions. A significant part of the role of the front office is to ensure that various employees and departments providing customer service know what to do and when to do it.

However, it does not include long-term or permanent forms of accommodation. Common law and most state statutes excuse hotels from liability if guests are injured or harmed as the result of an act of God or natural disaster. Hotels are likewise not liable for terrorist acts or harm caused by public enemies. Most hotel insurance policies exclude coverage for catastrophic or widespread disasters which affect a great number of insureds or an unmanageable number of claimants. Acts of war, damages arising from nuclear energy, and certain exposures to pollutants are routinely eliminated from coverage. Notwithstanding, hotels are keenly sensitive to enabling guests to vacate the premises, in an orderly and speedy fashion, in the event of a catastrophe.

As GuestRevu’s Marketing Manager, Sarah is well versed in the latest hospitality news, and is dedicated to helping hospitality professionals to make the most of the latest marketing trends that may affect them and their guests. If you are interested in learning more about the various technology solutions available and how they can assist with housekeeping tasks, read the “Housekeeping Technology; The Latest Tech used in Hotel Housekeeping” article. Finally, it is essential that hotels adopt an approach based on persistent progress, and this requires continuous training of staff. Guests visit hotels and expect high levels of service and an awareness of the latest hotel trends. Additionally, they also expect a level of consistency and a sense of cohesion among the workforce. Essentially, the maintenance department is tasked with ensuring that everything within the hotel is functioning the way that it should.

What Is The Hotel Industry?

We’ll look at 15 simple ways to improve the hotel guest experience and tell you why it’s important. If you’re looking for ideas to enhance the hotel guest experience, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to tell you that the small details do matter, and that going the extra mile to create a guest-centric operation will without a doubt have an important repercussion on your brand reputation and customer loyalty. Hotel chains and successful companies have adopted this rule as an inexpensive and effective way to enrich a guest’s experience. Yield management can be time-consuming and complicated, involving a lot of data, numbers, and calculations. For help, lodging operators turn to tools such as revenue management systems (RMS), rate shoppers, and channel managers. If you would like to learn more about the technology solutions that can help to elevate food and beverage services within a hotel restaurant, read “Latest Restaurant Technology Trends You Need to Know About”.

During the pandemic, LOCAY Group modified its rate plans to target domestic travelers and longer stays. With Cloudbeds’ Pricing Intelligence Engine (PIE), alerts were set to rack adjustments in competitor pricing, availability, and stay restrictions across the portfolio, ensuring the properties were always competitively positioned in the market. “Cloudbeds’ ability to seamlessly integrate a live online booking widget, a property management system, and a dynamic pricing tool all within the one place ticked every box,” said Larissa Fuller, Creative Director & General Manager. With all its properties connected to the same platform, the company could take advantage of cross-selling opportunities and robust reporting, portfolio-wide.

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You should also be prepared with solutions to mitigate any negative feedback you get. Most importantly, train your staff that the guest is (almost) always right.

  • This rule averts the ostrich mentality or the habit of some employees in hotels who don’t engage with the guest when they pass by the guest they just look down or away from them and ignore them.
  • No matter which ideas you choose, the key is to create a lasting impression so that guests keep coming back time and time again.
  • Generally, the same or similar assessment of hotel security will be appropriate for crimes commit-ted by third parties as for those committed by other guests or patrons.
  • Likewise, standing water on any floor in the hotel, if left standing beyond a reasonable time for management to have detected and eliminated it, may result in liability for the hotel.
  • All states have enacted legislation that permits hotels to limit their liability for damage to guests or their personal property.
  • Florida was one of the first states to enact new legislation allowing hotel desk clerks, among others, to revive heart attack victims using automated defibrillators, without the fear of exposure to unreasonable lawsuits.

To the contrary, there is a duty to protect guests from bothersome or troublesome non-guests. Accordingly, most hotels have posted notices that prohibit solicitation of any kind on the premises.

Finally, the maintenance department is responsible for hotel operations related to repairs within the hotel. This can include maintenance work within a variety of areas, such as heating, ventilation and plumbing. It may also include repairing hotel technology and making fixes to the structure of the hotel building itself. Within the broader field of food and beverages, there are multiple different areas that need to be carefully managed, including hotel bars, hotel restaurants, and any room service options that offer food and beverages.