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What is a notch baby

The problem thus created some bounty babies – those born
between 1912 and 1916 who received a windfall when they retired beneath the new

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He said that, if Congress increases benefits for notch babies, every person born after 1921 could rightfully claim their Social Security payments should also be raised.
Golden, program chairman of the Valley-based Seniors for Action, was speaking for “notch babies”–the 10 million people born from 1917 to 1921 who think the Social Security System is short-changing them.
When Congress revised the formula for Social Security benefits in 1972, it botched the arithmetic and overcompensated for inflation.

Social Security Gap For Those Born From ’17 To ’21 : Seniors Demand Equality For ‘notch Babies’

retirees much faster compared to the rate of inflation.
Had the situation continued,
people would have retired with benefits greater than their working wages.

Last year the Government Accountability Office (GAO) in a report to Congress defined “notches” as “unduly large incremental reductions.”  Furthermore, the GAO further said “Notches create marked inequities between beneficiaries close in age to one another.”
Soon the Notch Baby issue will fade into American history, due to the fact you will see no Notch Babies left.
Until then it may still continue being a source of debate in addition to a possible source of income for unscrupulous people.

  • “How much less depends upon the year of birth, work experience, and many other variables,” says Nelson Rivera, spokesman for The Retired Enlisted Association Senior Citizens League.
  • In every, some 116 pieces of reform legislation to correct the inequity have gone by the wayside.
  • Consequently, the rates for all those born from 1917 to 1921 are significantly less than the 54% paid to some older retirees but a lot more than the 41% paid to those born after 1921.
  • There was a temporary spike in Social Security payments to seniors born in this “notch” time period due to a math formula calculation error which meant they received more income than they should have in retirement in the 1980s and 90s.

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It corrected the error five years later by phasing out the windfall for new retirees.
Beneath the corrected formula, retirees born before 1917 were allowed to keep their excessive benefits.
Retirees born between 1917 and 1921, the notch, would receive a declining portion of the huge benefits; and everyone born after 1921 would receive only normal benefits.
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  • So, anyone born after 1921, including your wife, has COLA computed using the corrected formula, not the “notch baby” formula.
  • The brand new “notch baby” formula had not been quite as generous because the incorrect formula being enjoyed by those born before 1917, but yet a bit more generous compared to the corrected COLA formula which put on anyone born after 1921 (but still exists today).
  • But none of these attempts in Congress have ever succeeded in changing the definition of “notch babies” beyond the initial 1970s Congressional definition to use and then those born between 1917 and 1921.
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To soften the impact, Congress eliminated the windfall over a five-year
The change became fully effective in 1987, so new retirees again
receive typically 42 percent of wages.
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than those who follow you.
The demand of the so-called “notch babies” is that the unintentionally high
payments received by their immediate seniors continue.
Through the years, various attempts have already been designed to extend the notch baby end-year definition from 1921 to, for instance, those born before 1927.
And also as recently as 2019, a Congressional bill called the “Notch Fairness Act” attempted to provide restitution by extending the end date of the “notch” to 1926.
But none of those attempts in Congress have ever succeeded in changing the definition of “notch babies” beyond the original 1970s Congressional definition to apply only to those born between 1917 and 1921.

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Jenings urged the seniors to vote against any person in Congress who opposes increased benefits for notch babies.
The “notch” represents the gap in benefits between those born in the time of Jan. 1, 1917 through Dec. 31, 1921 and the ones born earlier.
Social Security recipients born in 1916, for example, received benefits add up to 54% of these wages in the entire year before they retired.

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The correction Congress made had not been retroactive for those who had retired
under the act.