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What does 70000 miles get you on Hawaiian Airlines

When editor Jeff needed ten thousand miles for an international award flight from Hawaii not long ago, he bought the excess miles he needed.
It exercised great due to significant planning, as shown below.
If you’re like Beat of Hawaii’s editors, you’re always looking for ways to get more travel for less overall.
And that frequently involves using miles rather than dollars for air travel.
One of our two favorite methods for getting around from Hawaii is on Alaska Airlines (the other is Hawaiian Airlines), and today there’s an offer we saw and fell for, that makes it easy to top-up miles.

  • This reminded us of the bigger subject of earning airline miles and the nuances around them.
  • There are a series of fixed redemption rates which change predicated on availability.
  • Use these tricks to earn HawaiianMiles in the the Hawaiian Airlines rewards program, and the beach vacation of your dreams may be closer to think.
  • If you’re like many people, you’ve fantasized in regards to a trip to the Hawaiian islands.
  • Personally, I would transfer the 70,000 Hawaiian Airlines miles to Hilton points and call it a day.

To see rates and fees of the Marriott Bonvoy Business® American Express® Card, see this page.
Pualani Gold members earn 500 HawaiianMiles per rental, while Pualani Platinum members earn up to 750 HawaiianMiles per rental — and so are qualified to receive membership to Avis’ invitation-only President’s Club.
NerdWallet conducted an analysis of more than 50 airfares in 2023 to understand the average price difference in refundable versus nonrefundable tickets.
Again, this is simply not a great redemption if you value your Wyndham points, considering NerdWallet values 6,000 Wyndham points at about $54, nonetheless it values 1,200 Hawaiian miles at only $12.

Hawaiian Airlines World Elite Card Welcome Offer

This card offers 70,000 bonus HawaiianMiles after making your first purchase within the first 90 days.
Another way to redeem HawaiianMiles is for gift cards with select partners.
For example, it is possible to redeem 5,000 miles for a $25 gift card to Foodland, Hele Gas, The Alley Restaurant or 76 Gas.

The Hawaiian Airlines HawaiianMiles redemption chart offers you an idea of how many miles you need for an award flight based on different routes and cabin types.
For example, while a Main Cabin 1 flight from Hawaii to the West Coast would require 20,000 miles, a Main Cabin 7 ticket on a single route would cost you by 90,000 miles.
If you’re wondering how exactly to redeem Hawaiian Airlines HawaiianMiles, begin by logging in to your HawaiianMiles account.
These include using them to book flight tickets, redeeming them through partner merchants, donating them and much more.
Linking additional cards to most of your Hawaiian Airlines charge card allows you to earn miles faster.
The Hawaiian Airlines World Elite Business Mastercard enables you to get additional cards for employees, and you have the option of adding authorized users to your Hawaiian Airlines World Elite Mastercard.

As you can see, the miles earned increases considerably assuming you have elite status with Hawaiian airlines.
Although all intra-Hawaiian flights are under 300 miles, all Hawaiian elite status members (Pualani Platinum, Pualani Gold and Premier Club), earn at the least 500 miles.
Hold Hawaiian Airlines Pualani elite status and you’ll earn even more.
Pualani Platinum elites get a 100% mile bonus, and Pualani Gold elites get a 50% mile bonus on top of the miles earned.
In first class, the excess cost to guarantee a refund was far higher.
Refundable first class fares averaged 145% more expensive than the non refundable first class fares.

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Our Favorite Partner Cards

Note that the $79 annual fee is not waived for the first year and there is a $1,000 spend requirement within the initial 4 months to find the bonus for each card.
If you want Hawaiian Airlines miles or you intend to travel to Hawaii, it is possible to consider this card.
The bonus is just so-so, in fact it is not worth keeping this card.
There are a few options besides using miles for flights or upgrades.
These generally are not such value, but can be handy in case you have spare miles.
The best value is situated in redeeming for flights with Hawaiian Airlines or partners, but you can find other options aswell.
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Even if you aren’t traveling to Hawaii, you need to still keep Hawaiian Airlines on your own radar for South Pacific and Tahiti flights.
Low award rates from the mainland U.S. and generous economy availability give you plenty of reason to avoid overlooking this option for the a vacation to the Aloha State.
Interisland flights from 6,000 points each way in economy can be a great deal when paid prices are high.
Flights to the U.S. aren’t bad either, however the premium cabin pricing is too much for the product you obtain.

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HawaiianMiles can even be redeemed for hotel stays or car rentals.

000 Miles Charge Card Options:

How many you earn depends on a few factors—namely, the length flown, the cabin class and the level of elite status you’ve achieved in the loyalty program.
Members earn HawaiianMiles and redeem them for award travel and much more.
There are pros and cons you ought to know of so you can maximize your earnings and redemptions once the time comes.
Here is all you need to learn about Hawaiian Airlines and the HawaiianMiles loyalty program.