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What do you need to activate PayPal prepaid card

Ingo accepts most forms of government, payroll, personal or other checks for review and approval.
We usually do not generally accept credit card checks, traveler’s checks, “starter checks” or other checks which don’t have the check writer’s name and address pre-printed on the check, U.S.
Savings Bonds, or checks drawn on accounts located outside the United States or payable in currency other than US Dollars.
We may or might not accept checks you have written to yourself, in our sole discretion.
You shall endorse, assign and transfer to Bank all checks approved for funding.

We also may won’t process a check in our sole discretion, including, but not limited to, if we have to do so to comply with applicable law.
Information on how to


The PayPal Debit Mastercard is available to PayPal members and offers an alternative solution to opening a traditional bank account.
It could be used to create purchases at physical locations together with your PayPal balance or withdraw money from an ATM.
This debit card posseses an offer to earn up to 5% APY on your money in the event that you open an online savings account with Bancorp.
The card also offers a Refer-a-Friend program which allows customers to earn commissions and cash-back on purchases.

  • Your choice to approve a check is situated upon the assessment of multiple factors and is not necessarily a reflection on either you or the writer/maker of the check.
  • Redeem the offers we send to you so you get cash back on select purchases.
  • The PayPal Debit Mastercard might be a good choice for individuals who are PayPal members.
  • Bank will deposit your approved check in Bank’s take into account clearing and collection, and is in charge of crediting funds from your check to your Card Account, less Ingo fees.

But, if you’re not just a PayPal account user, you may look at other options.
Ingo Money will collect the funds from the writer of the check.
Choose 10-day delayed funding and Bank will credit your Card Account for how much the check in 10 days if Ingo approves your check and it is not returned unpaid within the 10-day period.
Ingo Money will verify your identity, enroll you in the service and review your checks for approval.

Delta Skymiles® Platinum American Express Card Review

You can also link it to your PayPal balance account to make transferring funds easier.
However, if you connect it to the PayPal account, you need to undergo yet another verification process.
PayPal is a great way to receive and send money and make payments online.
While some physical stores accept PayPal mobile payments, it doesn’t work everywhere.
PayPal makes things easier for you personally with the availability of physical cards, though.
If that occurs, the transaction will undoubtedly be terminated, no fee will undoubtedly be charged, and you’ll take your check elsewhere for deposit or cashing.
The decision to approve a check is based upon the assessment of multiple factors and isn’t necessarily a reflection on either you or the writer/maker of the check.

  • If you want to use your prepaid credit card for regular payments, such as subscription services via PayPal, you won’t have the ability to link your prepaid credit card to create payments to these services.
  • Let’s understand how to link a PayPal prepaid card to your PayPal account, along with some other essential things.

You might need to update your account with a street address (not a post office box), contact number, date of birth, and Social Security Number.
The debit card is associated with your PayPal balance, and that means you won’t need to proceed through a credit check.
For the most part, as long as the online vendor you’re shopping from offers PayPal as a payment option, you need to use the funds in your prepaid credit card account.
However, you won’t be able to use gift cards from specific stores via PayPal, even though you obtain that store.
While there is no fee to utilize the first two balance inquiry methods, there is a $0.50 fee for checking your balance at an ATM.
With a PayPal Prepaid credit card, it is possible to access your funds up to two days early if you deposit your paycheck directly to your card.

Who Issues Paypal Prepaid Mastercard?

If your PayPal Prepaid Card is associated with your PayPal Account, you need to use the Virtual Account feature to make online purchases and payments.
Once Bank has credited funds from your approved check to your Card Account (less any Ingo fees), the funds are yours to keep even if the check bounces or is returned unpaid or for any other reason.
For those who have exceeded your limits or failed to meet any requirements of NetSpend, Ingo or NetSpend may decline the credit of funds to your Card Account.
PayPal is probably the safest services to utilize for online shopping as they offer buyer protection because of their users.
Team this with a prepaid card of your choice, and you could shop safely without maxing out your charge card.
You may not link your prepaid gift card to PayPal when its balance is lower compared to the recurring amount.

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This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order where they appear).
However, the charge card information that people publish has been written and evaluated by experts who know the products inside out.
We only recommend products we either use ourselves or endorse.
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