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What credit card covers car rental insurance in Ireland

Once all the documentation is submitted—claims are often paid within 15 days.
Fortunately (unfortunately? No, definitely fortunately), I can’t really report on the claims process for our Ireland rental with Chase since no damage was found.
The waiver covers the majority of the car in an accident, but excludes the undercarriage, roof, tires, windshield, windows, interior, and side mirrors.
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In Ireland, unlimited Third Party Liability Insurance is really a legal requirement as included in the pre-paid price of most car rentals in Ireland.
Third Party Liability Insurance protects you from liability resulting from property damage, injury, or death caused to anyone or anything outside of your rental car.

These include expensive cars costing $50,000 or more and exotic cars regardless of value.
Other exclusions are trucks, pickups, cargo vans, full-sized vans and full-sized SUVs just like the Chevy Tahoe, Ford Expedition and GMC Suburban.
If on arrival your client feels that the car they have booked is not suitable for their requirements, we will be happy to give a larger vehicle if available.
Upgrade charges are payable on arrival at the neighborhood daily rate.
In case a customer is given a free of charge upgrade on arrival, we cannot accept any customer service queries regarding fuel or coverage costs.
Please check the health of your rental vehicle to ensure it agrees with the problem report on your own rental agreement.
Failure to do this will result in your acceptance of the inspection report.

How To Pick A Credit Card With Auto Rental Coverage

If you have any doubts about your insurance, call the client service number on your card.
You can get more info and confirm that your policy covers your rental vehicle type in the country you’ll be visiting.
You may, however, be responsible for a deductible on the automobile rental company’s coverage.
For those who have questions concerning the coverage on your card, you can always call the administrator before you rent a vehicle.
You might find that some CDW coverage covers rentals of 31 days or less, others just 15 days.
Look for the rental period limit on your card before renting a vehicle.
Of course, there’s a 0% intro APR on purchases for 12 months; variable 17.99% – 23.99% thereafter, along with purchase protection, extended warranty, travel insurance, and fee-free employee cards.

But before you decide to depend on that charge card insurance and decline insurance from the rental car agency, call your charge card company and obtain information on paper about what’s covered and what isn’t.
You can check whether your card includes car rental coverage by reading your card’s benefits guide.
You can also log in to your card account online and see if you can get the set of benefits.
Finally, it is possible to always call the quantity on the back of your card with any questions concerning the benefits available to you.
It is possible to save many hundreds of dollars on car rental using the insurance provided by a credit card.

It really is much cheaper to rent an automobile from america or your home country than it really is to wait and soon you are already on the ground in Ireland.
Every country has its own quirks in terms of the rules of the road.

Our Customer Service Department can deal with any issues you could have.
Please send an email to within 28 days of the termination of your rental.
Irish Car Rentals accepts no responsibility for delays which may occur at the start of hire due to circumstances beyond our control.
GPS units can be found to rent at a price of €14.76 per day to no more than €147.60 per rental.

Why Nearly Every Purchase Should Be On A Credit Card

However, reviewing the facts of one’s card’s policy is vital to know very well what is (and isn’t) covered.

  • To obtain the most out of your vacation, fully understanding your required and optional car rental coverage options can better prepare you financially for unexpected events such as a breakdown or collision.
  • Plus, we could actually drive farther and longer without filling the tank.
  • With a stick shift, you will have to gear shift with your left hand instead
  • Cardholders will also enjoy no foreign transaction fees (rates and fees), purchase protection, cellular phone insurance, warranty, and exceptional
  • Many credit cards offer secondary rental car coverage, including the best travel bank cards.

Baby seats are available at a cost of €8 per day to maximum cost of €50 per rental.
Drivers are responsible for the payment of these tolls (on both barriered and barrier-free toll roads) directly with the Toll Operator.
Further information regarding toll rates and payment methods will undoubtedly be given on assortment of your vehicle.

Drivers who arrive without a relevant card and letter, or those who don’t have excess on their card, will be required to purchase SCDW/ Excess/ Super CDW coverage from the car rental company.
I answer many questions about travel in Ireland, however the most popular topic- by far- concerns driving in Ireland.
The most common questions I receive is approximately Ireland rental auto insurance, particularly CDW coverage (Collision Damage Waiver).
Will I use my Chase charge card for car rental insurance again?
This basically ensures that the rental company may charge at least that much in damage once the car is returned.
The Discover Escape card will not offer rental car insurance in Ireland, and most rental suppliers in Ireland won’t accept Discover cards.