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What are the perks of Executive Platinum

3For a limited time, qualifying international flights include flights between your U.S. and Canada, the Caribbean and Mexico.
Includes customers on qualifying departing international flights marketed and operated by American or a oneworld® airline (irrespective of cabin).

There won’t be many award tickets an Executive Platinum will undoubtedly be flying on during a year which will be eligible for upgrades because it must be a flight within the U.S. and choose local international routes.
For valuation purposes, it’s assumed as 1 segment per year upgraded at $50 of value.
Each level brings increasing benefits when traveling with American Airlines or any oneworld airline.

We assume you’ll earn 220,000 Loyalty Points between March 1, 2023, and Feb. 29, 2024.
In the event that you earn 70% of your Loyalty Points (154,000) from flights, we assume you’ll

Free Same-day Standby Priority

If it’s used for a domestic flight only, the worthiness will be significantly less.
If it’s applied to a long-haul international flight, it could run to about $600 in value, which is the approximate rough cost differential between many economy class and business class fares.
The probability of a companion upgrade clearing vary with respect to the route — there have been many times a Monday morning Miami (MIA) to Washington, D.C.
(IAD) flight has cleared for companions when the next later flight is full, so it’s tough to put a value on this solely based upon the flights you anticipate the upgrades clearing on.
Generally, assuming upgrades clear before the waitlist going to airport control, there is a fairly decent chance both you and your companion will clear.

If you are a million miler with Gold status for life, that doesn’t decrease the number of Loyalty Points had a need to earn Platinum status.
You will still need to earn 75,000 Loyalty Points to qualify for Platinum status — the same way as everybody else.
Gate agents need not clear them manually, and the upgrade process is completed by the computer 40 minutes before take-off.
Needless to say, the offers on our platform don’t represent all financial loans on the market, but our goal is to show you as many great options as we can.
Compensation may factor into how and where products appear on our platform (and in what order).
But since we generally earn money when you find an give you like and obtain, we try to show you offers we think are a good match for you.

Is It Worth It To Get Miles On American?

Being the highest degree of the AAdvantage Status, the Executive Platinum Status supplies the most heightened degree of benefits which are discussed below.
You might wind up within striking distance of another tier or Loyalty Point Rewards milestone.

But if you believe strategically — perhaps flying from New York (JFK) to Dallas (DFW) or Washington, D.C.
Let’s check out each one of the status perks, you start with upgrades.
Fees will be waived for Executive Platinum members when they purchased miles from their own account and you will be reinstated on wholly unused AAdvantage award that has been canceled before departure and the ticket hasn’t expired.
Members have access to use Business and First Class check-in desks when flying internationally or domestically on either American Airlines or other Oneworld carriers.

For example, let’s assume you’re flying Dallas (DFW) to Hong Kong (HKG) as well as your systemwide upgrade has cleared on the route 10 days prior to departure and the ticket was reissued.
What most people don’t know is that when any passenger uses a systemwide upgrade (or miles and cash co-pay), they are protected in the premium cabin should something go wrong, so long as the ticket is reissued.
You’ll find that towards the finish and start of the year, in the December and January timeframe, many Executive Platinums realize they won’t be using all of their systemwide upgrades and desire to give them away to others.
So, if you’re not an Executive Platinum, you might find a nice person ready to offer you their upgrade for free (the AAdvantage program explicitly prohibits selling or bartering for upgrades).
It is possible to gift a systemwide upgrade to anybody, even though you’re not traveling with them, though when they’re traveling alone they’ll upgrade based on their individual status, if any.

  • “Gift of Status for a Day” benefit is a good way for AAdvantage members to share the perks of elite status with someone you value with no them qualified for it.
  • Executive Platinum members meet the criteria for an upgrade to Alaska premium-class after booking (not applicable to saver fares) and receive first-class upgrades right after Alaska’s MVP 75K elite members.
  • There are a couple of other exceptions but if you book with American Airlines and pay in cash for the flight, it’ll usually be included as a qualifying flight.
  • If Main Cabin Extra isn’t available, you get access to Preferred seats reserved exclusively for loyal customers such as for example yourself.

We’ll do our best to upgrade your room (including Select Suites), subject to availability upon arrival.
Earn 50% more points on every eligible hotel purchase, including on room rate and other incidentals that can be charged to your room, such as for example dining and spa.

Oneworld Priority

Earning elite status used to be a fairly straightforward process back the day.
Each flown mile in coach used to equate to one elite qualifying mile, as soon as the magic threshold of 100K miles was reached you’re awarded with a shiny black Executive Platinum card.
Usually, being loyal to 1 airline can pay dividends in the long term.
Here, we have a deep dive to find out what perks and benefits you can expect to receive being an elite member at the best tier with the three biggest US airline carriers — American Airlines, Delta, and United Airlines.
Loyalty Points could be earned with certain bank cards at the rate at which they earn base AAdvantage miles without the bonus miles or accelerators.