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Visa Business Credit Cards

The Visa Business Credit Card is undoubtedly the most popular business credit cards used by small business owners today. Visa recognizes that business owners need a way for manage their cash flow and increase their purchasing power. They have designed several credit cards in order to meet these needs. Today, Visa business credit cards allow for expense tracking, detailed business reporting, reward incentives, purchasing convenience and flexible payment options all with the business owner in mind.

If you are looking to apply for a Visa business credit card for your small business, you can obtain one at any of the many issuers who are affiliated with Visa. Although the underlying principle of the card is the same overall, the packages offered vary from one provider to the other. Some of the similarities that remain from one Visa to the other include the benefits listed below.

Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver for Visa Business

No matter where you are, as long as you own a Visa business credit card, you are automatically covered for damages due to collision or theft at no extra cost. In the event of an accident, where you have to repair or replace parts on a rented vehicle that you paid for with your Visa business card, you will be entitled for reimbursement. This only applies if the vehicle has been used for business.

With this benefit, you do not need to pay for the collision damage waiver the next time you rent a vehicle, and your Visa coverage will be automatically activated. If you do wind up in an accident or mishap, all you have to do is call the Visa administrator who handles benefits and claims, and they will advise you of the steps to take.

Purchase Security and Extended Protection for Visa Business

The Visa purchase security benefit gives the business credit card holder the opportunity to replace, repair or be reimbursed for eligible property that have been paid for with the Visa business credit card. The claims are covered up to $10,000 per claim, and each business credit card holder is entitled up to $50,000 in claims. Extended protection provides a warranty for twice that provided by the manufacturer.

The great thing about this coverage is that even gifts that you purchase will be covered, as long as you are able to file a claim providing all the required information. It helps to keep your Visa business credit card statements and store receipts, so that you can present them when the time comes to file a claim. You need to examine the terms of this coverage carefully, since there are a number of exclusions to these claims.

Travel Emergency Assistance for Visa Business

Visa business credit card holders will receive 24-hour emergency assistance, so they can call in whenever they need. Cardholders, in addition to immediate family and business associates, are all covered under this benefit. This service puts you in contact with the right people in the event of an emergency. Keep in mind that the cardholder is responsible for paying for all services rendered by the emergency services.