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Travel Rewards Business Credit Cards

Small business credit cards give small business owners the purchasing power they need to get the tools required to grow their businesses. Aside from that, many small business credit cards provide an opportunity for business owners to earn various rewards for the business. Travel reward credit cards for small businesses allow cardholders to use accumulated points to get discounts on travel. This is a great way for small business owners to save money on travel for themselves and their employees.

How Travel Rewards Work

Whether you have a specific travel rewards card or a general card that offer travel rewards, the rewards work the same way. The points or rebates are calculated as a percentage of your purchases, and the rebates are either issued as a credit on your statement, mailed as a check or redeemed for discounts on your next flight, cruise, car rental or hotel reservation.

For travel rewards credit cards, the points earned are often doubled or tripled for any travel purchases that you make with the card.

How Are The Travel Rewards Earned?

The way that travel rewards are earned varies from program to program, and based on the type of card that you are using to get the rewards. Some of the major ways to earn points though are as follows.

Increase Your Spending

This does not mean that you have to purchase things that you do not need. All it means is that you should try to make all your business purchases on that one card, so that you earn as much points as you possibly can. The great thing about reward cards is that they will give you points for all your purchases. So shift all of your regular expenses like paying your utility bills, paying your invoices, purchasing your office supplies and others to your credit to accumulate your travel rewards.

Be careful when you do this, since it might become tempting to put your cash to other use, rather than using it to pay off your balance. Failure to do this will result in high interest rates applied to your balance, something that you definitely do not want.

Purchase At Partners To Double and Triple Your Travel Rewards

You might be able to receive bonus points by making purchases at participating partners, which might include a host of other travel related companies. This is why it is important that you know who these partners are, so that you can purchase the things that you need there.

Introductory Bonus Points

Most credit card providers today will start you off with some bonus points to begin with, and for a limited time they might issue bonus points or double or triple points on all your purchases. Take advantage of this period to earn as much as you can. This introductory offer may be enough for you to claim your first reward within a month or two of signing on.

Some Advantages of Travel Rewards for Businesses

Free Flights

Frequent flyers are able to accumulate points quickly if they use the credit card to pay for all their travel. These points can then be redeemed for a free or discounted flight.

Free Travel Insurance

Paying for travel insurance can cost a lot but with the free travel insurance included with most travel rewards programs, businesses owners and their employees can travel with a peace of mind in knowing that if anything happens, they are covered.

Extra Perks At The Airport

Business travelers receive a host of extra perks at the airports when they are a part of specific travel rewards programs. Some of these perks include complimentary food and drink, wireless internet access, private lounge while waiting for the flight to take off and free seating upgrades.

Discounts At Participating Partners

From car rentals to hotel reservations and dining, travel rewards programs usually include rewards like discounts at other travel related establishments. This allows businesses owners to save in every aspect of their travel.