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Is Best Buy card a Citibank card

He writes for The Ascent and The Motley Fool, and his work has appeared in USA Today and Yahoo! Finance. He was born in California but currently lives as a digital nomad with a home base in Colombia. Like many store credit cards, Best Buy offers a one-time incentive for new cardholders. A credit card is typically linked to the bank account of the cardholder. As you use the credit card, it deducts the minimum payable amount from your account. For convenience, you can use a few payment options for Best Buy and VISA credit cards. The credit score requirement for the regular Best Buy credit card is a bit lower.

You can apply in-store or online for a Best Buy credit card, but the process is a bit opaque, and you don’t have any control over which version of the card you get. Best Buy credit card and Citibank VISA card are not your only options for paying through a debit or credit card. Before using Citibank phone banking, keep your bank account number, bank routing number, Best Buy credit card number, and personal identification information ready. You can also download the Citibank mobile app and connect your bank account with the Best Buy credit card. The second option is to use the mobile applications of Citibank to pay for your Best Buy credit card. Best Buy credit card holders can also link any other bank account using the same steps.

  • Though there are reports of applicants securing approval with lower scores.
  • Nicole Dieker has written about personal finance for nearly a decade.
  • This retail credit card charges no annual fee and offers an automatic 5% off all Target purchases.
  • These are common benefits, but important to keep you safe and informed.

Make sure you have your account number and method of payment handy. When it’s time to pay your My Best Buy credit card bill, you have several options — online, in a store, by phone, via text or by mail.

What Are The Best Buy Credit Card Benefits?

For the Best Buy loyal technology geek out there, the Best Buy Visa is an excellent retail card to consider – especially with special financing and up to 5% cash back on purchases at the store. Consumers looking for more versatility with their credit card should consider other Citi offerings, however. So, what else is there to know about the My Best Buy Visa Card? For starters, the card has no annual fee and comes with an exclusive low APR for the first 48 months. Advertiser Disclosure – BestCards is an independent, Florida-based credit card comparison platform.

If your email address changes, please update it through Account Online or call us at the number on the back of your card. Whether you want to pay less interest or earn more rewards, the right card’s out there.

Best Buy also offers a store credit card — the My Best Buy card, which can only be used at Best Buy stores or at The My Best Buy Visa Card is a retail credit card that offers unique rewards on qualifying purchases or financing options to cardholders. Cardholders can select between earning 5% back on Best Buy purchases or special financing through the Best Buy Flexible Financing Program.

What Are The Relevant Aprs For Best Buy Credit Card?

If you pay off your balance in full by the end of the allotted time period, then you have succeeded in stretching out your payments with 0% APR. Upon application review, some people will be approved instantly. However, other applicants for this card may need further review, resulting in a waiting period of up to 7-10 days.

  • Some cash back credit cards with 0% intro APRs let you both earn rewards on a purchase and finance it at zero interest during the introductory period.
  • Check out NerdWallet’s list of best rewards credit cards for options.
  • Since card members already earn 5% on all purchases, this welcome bonus essentially lets you earn an extra 5%, which can be lucrative if you have big-ticket items to buy.
  • If you opt for rewards, you’ll earn 5% back on Best Buy purchases, 3% back on gas, 2% back on groceries, 2% back on dining and takeout, and 1% back on all other purchases.

Unless you have a high credit score, it’s hard to anticipate which card you’ll receive. You might get approved for a credit card that you can only use at Best Buy. Or you might get one that isn’t a good deal because of its annual fee. However, if you do not pay your balance in full within the allotted time period, the full standard APR (25.24% variable) will be charged to your account for every month back to the purchase date. This can be a financial nightmare, especially for big-ticket items. Some financing options are available across the board with your Best Buy credit card, while some are “limited time only” offers.

Everything Else About The Best Buy Card

For those unsure if they want a card tied to a brand, consider the Chase Freedom Flex or Chase Freedom Unlimited cards. When it comes to electronics retail cards, the My Best Buy Visa is a solid choice given the options for reward points or financing on select purchases. The addition of additional cash back anywhere Visa is accepted is a fantastic perk for such a card. With the My Best Buy Visa Card, you earn points based on where you shop.

The card can be used anywhere, but the rewards you earn can only be redeemed at Best Buy. If you spend enough per year, you’ll earn even more points on purchases made at the store. Plus, the card offers special financing when you purchase items of $199 or more. The My Best Buy Visa Card is one of many store cards supported by Tally. We believe in separating the burden of credit cards from the benefits. Tally lets you use the My Best Buy Visa Card without worrying about high interest rates or late fees.