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How to get AmEx Platinum 150k

Just because the existing public offer is 100,000 points, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a short while to see if you will be targeted for an elevated offer.
For rates and fees of The Platinum Card® from American Express, just click here.
To be eligible for the Amex Platinum Schwab card, you’ll need to have an eligible account open with

  • The American Express limited-time 150K referral offer is an attractive chance for award travelers.
  • At the most basic, it’s $695 (plus going through the minimum spend and whatever opportunity cost you’d assign compared to that) for up to 150,000 points (value them but you’ll).
  • In fact, there are more than $1,500 in annual credits that one could unlock with this particular card.

Targeted offers can be quite a great way to obtain extra bonus points on a card you already planned to use for, however they aren’t the only method to find a great deal.
For example, you can book business class flights from the U.S.
East Coast to Hong Kong and beyond for just 85,000 Membership Rewards points used in Asia Miles, providing you an opportunity to try among the finest business class products in the sky.
CardMatch completes a soft credit check to see if you’re qualified to receive any elevated offers.
Since it’s not a hard pull, this won’t count against your credit.
However, our team has pointed out that American Express has offered a targeted and elevated welcome offer to select applicants.

Amex Business Platinum Upgrade Offer, 140k Points With $10k Spend (targeted)

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  • Employing this option, you can turn the welcome bonus from a single Amex card into a flight that normally costs thousands.
  • Charles Schwab.
  • Flights within a single region cost 7,500 miles in economy class, moving 1 region over costs 10,000 miles, and a vacation spanning 3 regions costs 12,500 miles.

That makes this offer the biggest and simplest way to earn 150,000 Membership Rewards points from the Platinum Card.
An offer for 100,000 to 150,000 bonus points on an Amex Platinum card is like a 4-leaf clover; it exists but the highest offers can be difficult to find.
This means that you can book a flight from Chicago (ORD) to Austin (AUS) for 7,500 miles as they’re in exactly the same region.
This is undoubtedly the cheapest solution to book short-haul domestic U.S. award tickets with Amex points.
Despite not being in the same airline alliance, the two 2 airlines have joined forces to let Flying Club members redeem points on ANA flights for an insanely low points cost.
And when you depart from Frankfurt, it is possible to enjoy Lufthansa’s first class Senator Lounge pre-flight.

Pay For Travel Booked Through Amex

American Express offers a pre-qualified tool that allows you to check for personalized offers based on your credit profile.
This isn’t only helpful for seeing current offers available across most of American Express’ card lineup; it will also give you a good idea of whether you’re apt to be approved.
One targeted offer many users are currently encountering offers a 150,000 point bonus and the chance to earn 10X points on restaurant purchases during the first six months.
In addition to the referral offer described above, there is a targeted offer for a 150K bonus, even though terms may differ from the referral offer.
Our household’s American Express Platinum card shows this offer, and you can use our referral connect to gain access.

That means you can max out this bonus with only five referrals to friends or members of the family.
This can be a great question, but the answer will vary from person to person.
The Amex Platinum card includes a lot of benefits, but also a steep price tag.
If you aren’t sure if this card is right for you, have a look at our analysis of the perks and benefits to assist you determine if the Amex Platinum card is worth it.
And if you have the miles to spare, you can book the airline’s award-winning first class for 110,000 or 120,000 miles from the U.S.
Better still, you’ll pay very minimal award taxes and fees when you book through Asia Miles, which means you won’t break your budget along the way.
Also you can use Asia Miles to book tickets on other Oneworld carriers like American Airlines, British Airways, Qatar Airways, and more.

Because American Express currently exercises a “once in a lifetime” welcome offer policy, it is possible to never earn a second Platinum Card welcome bonus once you earn the initial bonus.
If you want to have your referrals featured on the website, we’ve frequent opportunities for DDG group members.
For more details and to find a connect to apply, click on the card names below to go to our dedicated Frequent Miler card pages for these cards.
I was able to start to see the 150K offer via incognito/private window.
Obviously, a referral would be better to help someone else earn points.