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How do I add money to my one card

The program is administered by the USF One Card Office and enables you to conveniently make purchases throughout USF via your USF One Card. To learn more about Paysend and why we scored it 8.2 out of 10 in our independent review process, take a look at our in-depth Paysend review. The OneCard office will help you disable the card and issue you a new card. Please note that Add Value Stations do not provide change. Please deposit only the exact amount you intend to add to your OneCard. The pass will work for the entire semester, including weekends and days when class may not be in session.

  • In order to make a deposit, you will need to login by entering your valid USF Connect information.
  • Under “University Resources” choose “OneCard Account” from the list of links on the left, or type “OneCard Account” into the search bar.
  • Students must come to the UNC One Card office in person to request the refund.
  • Investigation of the error(s) requires no more than 10 business days.

Any faculty, staff, or student may choose to identify themselves within the university community with a preferred first and/or middle name that is different from their legal name. As long as the use of this preferred name is not for the purposes of misrepresentation, the OneCard office will print cards using preferred names. After you have completed this, you are welcome to ask for the new card at the OneCard office.

Retail Goods & Services

Funds deposited by check or money order are available the next day. At the CVS® store, tell the cashier you want to use Add Cash in Store. The cashier will scan your barcode and accept your money. You’ll get a printed receipt as well as instant confirmation in your mobile app. Add Cash in Store is a convenient way for you to add cash to your Capital One 360 Checking account at any CVS® location in the U.S.

Once you have paid your state and local fees the Gator Pass – No Action Required service indicator should appear on your account. As the indicator says, no action is required on your part and it is not a hold. This indicator will not prevent you from registering for classes.

Don’t bend, crack, or punch holes in it — doing so could damage or disable your card’s tap functionality. Be careful storing your card up against credit cards, or cards with raised letters or numbers, as they can scratch your card’s magnetic strip, making it fail to read properly at some locations. The One Card Office is located on the University Center (UC) 5th Floor. Deposits from this location are credited within minutes, and can be made using credit card (Visa or MasterCard).

  • The old style OneCard will remain active until the end of the 2017 Summer session at which time it will be deactivated.
  • It is not possible to add money to Clipper account through AVS stations.
  • There is no minimum deposit required, but balances cannot exceed $1500.

Students cannot withdraw cash from their convenience accounts and account balances carry over to the next semester. Refunds are allowed during the first two weeks of the fall semester and the end of the spring semester if the card is carrying a balance. Refunds from the UNC One Card office are only by check and take two to four weeks to process. Students must come to the UNC One Card office in person to request the refund.

Off Campus Locations

Gator Dollars and Clipper cash are two separate accounts on your new OneCard Gator Pass. Don Dollars belong to an optional, but highly recommended on-campus debit account.

You can add cash to your Gator Dollars account by using one of the many Add Value Stations (AVS) located on campus. Or you can use a credit card to add money to your Gator Dollars account using our secure online deposit feature. You can register it at , add value or buy transit passes and use it everywhere where Clipper card is accepted. Remember that starting from the first day of the Fall and Spring semester we will provide to all students who have paid tuition and fees Muni and Higher Ed discount product for BART. Online deposits will be available minutes after you have completed your online transaction.

What Should I Do If I Lost My Onecard/ Gator Pass? What Should I Do If My Onecard/ Gator Pass Is Stolen?

We recommend you to register your Clipper card online, but it is not necessary for your transit discounts to become activated. Visit Academica and log in using your access ID and password.

Students, staff and faculty can use their OneCards to pay for food and beverages around campus (including at The Frances Perk Cafe!) with the money in their MHCXpress accounts. You can also add funds to your Onecard using your debit or credit through My Sac State by clicking on the OneCard icon. Sign in to your 360 Checking, Total Control Checking or Simply Checking account with the Capital One Mobile app. Click on Add Cash in Store at the bottom of your checking account screen. Enter the amount you want to add—you’ll then be prompted to create a unique barcode that’s available for 30 minutes.