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How can I fix my 350 credit score

For instance, a $500 deposit will get you a secured charge card with a $500 spending limit.
When you are like many consumers and don’t know your credit score, there are lots of free places you could find it.
The Discover Card is one of several credit card sources offering free credit scores.
Discover provides your FICO score, the one used by 90% of businesses that lending.

  • Establishing a good credit history is not a complex process, but it’s a vital little bit of your financial picture.
  • That’s because lenders could consider you a greater credit risk if you’re attempting to borrow
  • While there are several credit scoring models with different score ranges, 700 or more is generally considered an excellent credit history, while 800 or more is excellent.

negatively affect your credit score.
Derogatory accounts, such as for example collections and charge-offs, can hurt your credit history.
Lenders primarily use credit reports to create credit decisions, such as for example whether to approve your loan or credit card application and what interest levels and terms to offer.