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How can I check my Chase credit card application status

If you are approved for a credit card, we’ll send a notice sharing the good news and explaining what to expect next.
While you might not have tracking information for the physical credit card, delivery usually takes up to two weeks from the date of your approval.

  • Plug in several formulas and you may easily count what’s opened in the last 24 months or any other time frame.
  • Full disclosure, I’m pretty impatient, and usually call the reconsideration line immediately.
  • I liked the TravelFreely dashboard better, but this is another option too.

you execute a product change, the card number remains exactly the same, but the expiration date and CVV reset.
Because the card number doesn’t change, it doesn’t count as a fresh charge card approval.
Before you apply for a Chase card, calculate your 5/24 score by considering your credit file.
You are entitled to at least one free copy of your full credit file from each major credit bureau every 12 months.
Note, should you be added as an authorized user on someone else’s charge card, the card will probably count toward your 5/24 score.
If you’re still working on getting your credit score above 670, you might need a credit-building charge card instead.

Chase Personal Credit Cards

Many applicants have luck if they apply for 2 personal cards at the same time.
An advantage is that will be just one hard inquiry on your credit report.
However, this usually works best when the 2 cards aren’t from exactly the same family (for instance, a Chase Freedom Unlimited and a Chase co-branded card).
Now, remember that just because you didn’t get instant approval doesn’t mean that your application is certainly denied.
If your application is still pending after a couple of days, you can try calling reconsideration.

In the event that you don’t have an online account from a preexisting loan, charge card or checking account, it is possible to open a Chase online account making use of your charge card application number.
” and create an account by entering the application number and your social security number.
In some cases, you may receive an instant, or same-day, credit card approval online, in case you are eligible.

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Here’s How To Check Your Chase Credit Card Application Status

They’ll also verify any information you provided on the application, like income.
Chase, much like all banks, has application rules and welcome offer dates.
You should know once you opened a card to ensure you’re following these.
Probably the most prominent of why this matters would

If the application form status doesn’t seem sensible, you can test sending a secure message to Chase customer support.
Their response can offer a clearer picture of how soon you can receive a credit card applicatoin decision.
You can call a few numbers to check on the status of your credit card application or even to make an effort to overturn a denied application.
In accordance with this rule, you can’t open a lot more than 2 personal or 1 business credit card in a 30-day period.

Call Chase To Check On

Chase pulls your credit report.
Hard credit checks result in a small drop in your credit score.