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Does marrying a U.S. citizen automatically make you a citizen

a foreign national to call home and work in america on a permanent basis.
If any similar factor influences your case, the USCIS may view the application as inadmissible.
Even though there are cases when applicants match the natural eligibility criteria, certain factors can make their applications inadmissible.

Only if you have a valid nonimmigrant visa for the whole waiting period (currently, about five years).
In that case, they can submit Form I-765, the application form for Employment Authorization, you need to include a USCIS Lockbox premised on your residency once you are admitted to request authorization to work.

  • Some people would like to obtain the legal stuff done so that they can file immigration papers.
  • While the above requirements connect with all sorts of adjustments to the status of a foreign citizen, there’s one significant factor that only applies when someone is applying through marriage to become lawful permanent resident.

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Put simply, the U.S. government will probably assume that the F-1 student “wilfully misrepresented” their intentions for coming into the country if they violate the 90-day rule.
Remember that the 90-day requirement only pertains to

Of Continuous Residence

This is basic information to alert one to issues you have to think about, and will not constitute legal services.
International Student and Scholar Services cannot advise or assist anyone with more descriptive green card information.
It is not your choice to marry, but your reason for marrying that triggers the problem.

  • If either of you is already married in the U.S. or internationally, you must terminate that current marriage first.
  • Furthermore, you must meet all other requirements for naturalization at the time of applying for citizenship through marriage.
  • Here are the essential steps to becoming a U.S. citizen through naturalization (citizenship marriage).
  • For years, the stereotype of marrying a foreigner for a green card has been prevalent in the Western world.
  • We realize marrying a foreigner has certain practical implications such as getting visas and permits to be able.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) needs proof your marriage once you apply for a Green Card.
No.  If you get married in the usa, you must apply to the U.S.
Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to adjust status in order to become a Permanent Resident.
OR you leave the U.S. after your marriage but before applying to the USCIS to adjust status, there are some things you need to be alert to before you travel.
A lot of that information addresses adjustment of status for a spouse who is already in the U.S. and wishes to remain here and do the paperwork here.
A civil (nonreligious) marriage can be performed quickly and easily in the office of the Register of Deeds (or a location they identify) by way of a government official.
Government officials will most likely only do the ceremonies at the government offices during usual business hours, as this is their job.

All other requirements for naturalization must be met at the time of filing.
No matter your circumstance, applying for an adjustment of status and filing for a marriage-based green card to become lawful permanent resident can be an overwhelming task.

Obtain A Citizenship Marriage Online

Therefore, same-sex marriage could be valid for immigration purposes so long as it was and is valid under the laws of the area in which it occurred.
A legal separation or a casual separation for just about any other reason may not qualify as an exception to the “marital union” requirement. [newline]This usually only occurs when there has been an “involuntary separation.” An “involuntary separation” in this case identifies the applicant and their U.S. citizen spouse living apart due to circumstances beyond their control.
The most typical examples are when the U.S. citizen spouse is serving in the U.S.
Armed Forces, or if among the spouses has essential business or occupational responsibilities that force them to call home apart.
Therefore, you must combine the number of days of all your trips outside the U.S.

There are many reasons why citizenship could be denied, but having debt isn’t a block to naturalization.
Understand that some specific financial issues (like failure to cover taxes) could interfere with citizenship because of the requirements about good moral character.

However, if you have married a U.S. citizen and filed an I-485 to become permanent resident, you’ll likely be denied re-entry into the United States on your own student visa status.
He can apply for you to turn into a permanent resident too, but as a result of quota you will have a long wait before you can even apply for a green card.
Naturalization is the process by which a non-citizen becomes the citizen of a country.

In case you are at Duke, talk with someone at International House, or Visa Services, or the counseling facilities on campus.
The immigration law has a special “Battered Spouse or Child” provision for you to apply all on your own for LPR status.
Learn more at the USCIS Battered Spouse, Children, and Parents webpage.
In the event that you own houses, land, businesses, and so on, check with a lawyer regarding which property rights may convey to