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Do Visa debit cards have international fees

The fees are often 1% to 3% of the amount of a purchase, and many banks also apply the fee to ATM withdrawals.
Plus, some info on an alternative which will make spending at shops and the local market for the trip much cheaper – the Wise international debit card.
This handy contactless card works in 175 countries, includes low fees and automatically converts currency at a good rate – the mid-market exchange rate.
This fee is defined as a separate transaction on your statement and is assessed for point-of-sale and non-Navy Federal-owned ATM transactions.
Some card issuers no more need cardholders to alert them to upcoming travel.
For example, American Express uses fraud technology to greatly help recognize when cardholders are traveling.
Amex does recommend that you keep your contact information updated in the event it needs to contact you while you’re away.

If an out-of-network ATM operator charges you a fee, however, it won’t be reimbursed by Capital One 360.
On top of the margin put into the exchange rate, you might also have to pay a foreign transaction fee when you spend overseas making use of your Visa debit card.
So, if you use a debit card from a partner bank at an ATM owned by another bank in the network, you can avoid transaction fees (although not currency conversion fees).
Banks must break out international transaction fees as line-items on your statement, helping you to see just what you’re paying.
But by the time you obtain your statement, it’s too late — so it’s best if you make a call before your trip to get the whole story.