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Can you use a reloadable card for direct deposit

You can check your account balance online, via your card issuers’ mobile app or over the phone. Using a prepaid card says nothing about your borrowing or repayment habits, so the card companies have nothing to report to the credit bureaus. In short, if you use a prepaid card, it won’t have any influence on your credit score, good or bad. If you don’t have a bank account, you can add money at a cash register, for example, using an additional app. Being a Visa debit card, it is accepted everywhere.

  • Activated, personalized debit card required to make a bank transfer.
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  • That means that if someone gets your information and spends your money, you could have difficulty getting it back.
  • You can’t just forget about the card because you could still incur monthly fees.

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Get Paid Up To 2 Days Faster¹ With Direct Deposit

Once the money runs out, the card declines, preventing you from spending above and beyond your budget. According to latest numbers by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, about 14.1% of the population in the United States is under-banked. This means that millions of people may have difficulty with simple financial processes like cashing paychecks, making online purchases, or even ordering delivery.

Similar to a gift card, you add value to the prepaid card before you can use it, which is essentially like prepaying for future purchases. But prepaid cards come with a few more bells and whistles, like the ability to set up direct deposit and check your balance on a mobile app.

All prepaid cards have some level of commonality, but there are significant differences between the ones issued by banks and standalone prepaid cards. Like with NetSpend Visa, you’ll be able to receive direct deposits up to 2 days faster than using any other method. You can easily get a direct deposit without a bank account on this card and use it to pay at any store that accepts American Express. But, when compared to other prepaid cards, it is not a good alternative for consumers who want a lot of features and benefits.

How Does A Prepaid Card Work?

You’ll even receive the same $250,000 FDIC insurance that protects your deposits if your bank fails. ChexSystems monitors individuals’ checking and savings account activity to alert merchants about people writing bad checks when paying for purchases. You can buy a prepaid debit card from a retailer, bank, credit card company or other financial services provider.

They are sold at grocery stores, pharmacies, convenience stores, and other retailers. The key difference between this type of debit card and ones that are issued with bank accounts is where the money comes from. Bluebird is a completely legitimate company that offers prepaid debit cards without a monthly fee. It has been recommended by tons of online review sites and it has more than 1 million apps installed in google play. Prepaid debit cards are an alternative way to access and spend money by using a physical card, mobile app, website or electronic payment.

Early direct deposit availability depends on payor type, timing, payment instructions, and bank fraud prevention measures. As such, early direct deposit availability may vary from pay period to pay period. The name and Social Security number on file with your employer or benefits provider must match your GO2bank account to prevent fraud restrictions on the account.

Some people use prepaid cards to help manage their budgets. Nowadays, many alternative ways of getting paid don’t require a bank account, such as choosing a prepaid card or online banking services.

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For example, if you’re a parent, then a teen debit card could be a helpful teaching tool to get kids used to tracking their expenses. If you’re shopping for a reloadable debit card, you may also want to consult Investopedia’s list of The 5 Best Prepaid Debit Cards of 2022. It is possible to obtain information about the card holder’s account.