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Can you add a prepaid gift card to Zelle

Once your bank account is signed up, follow exactly the same directions.
But this time, when you “Add bank or card,” you’ll add your prepaid debit card data instead.
You can also click the camera icon to have a picture and let the app automatically fill out the form.
Zelle only works together with prepaid cards issued by “Zelle Network Banks.” Zelle Network Banks are traditional brick-and-mortar banks.
Only a few offer their own prepaid cards–like the

  • A gift card is a prepaid debit card that you can use to make purchases at various retail stores, online merchants, or even restaurants.

Walmart MoneyCard® Visa®, and also the Turbo PREPAID CREDIT CARD.
Zelle was made by a few of the largest banks, like Chase and Bank of America, to facilitate P2P payments between bank accounts.
It differs from Venmo and Square Cash in that you don’t have another Zelle balance.
Payments come directly out of the sender’s bank account, and recipients have the money directly in their bank account.

If you get a payment through PayPal, it’ll go into your PayPal account.
You can transfer the money from your PayPal

  • You can download Cash App (iOS, Android) from the appropriate app store and follow the prompts to create an account, add your credit card to the app, and start sending money.

Government Payment Cards aren’t linked to your bank account, and they are not bank cards.
They are prepaid debit cards onto which a government agency loads funds directly and you will use them just like traditional debit cards.
Prepaid card users have options to utilize their prepaid cards with P2P apps, like PayPal and Venmo.
Venmo is the only fee-free app to use prepaid cards for payments.