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Small Business Credit Cards

Business credit cards provide a lot of the same features of traditional credit cards but they are usually targeted towards businesses and executives. They can include low interest rates, cash back rewards, discounts and travel rewards to name a few, in addition to a host of other features that are not included with traditional credit cards. Some of the “extras” provided by a business credit card include expense reports, no cost extra cards for employees, higher credit limits, business rewards and the ability to separate business expenses from personal expense.

The owner or an officer authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the business can apply for the business credit card.

What do I need to supply with my application?

You will need to provide the applicant’s name, the legal business name, address, phone number, fax number, Social security number for yourself and other cardholders that you designate, Tax ID Numner or Employee ID Number and some information on the business profits. Take note that the lender will pull a business credit report and might also pull the personal credit history of the business officer. To speed up the application process, it will be helpful to have several items on hand.

What is meant by Tax ID Number (TIN) or Employer ID Number (EIN)?

In order to be tax compliant U.S. businesses are required to have this nine digit number that is issued by the IRS. It is similar to your personal social security number but meant for businesses.

Does it make sense to apply for a credit card for my business?

If you have been in business long enough you will realize that you need to build your business credit if you hope to succeed especially since you may not be in a position to fund all your business activities on your own. There are even credit bureaus that are established just for the collection and disbursing of business credit history. If your business has no credit lenders will have to rely on the personal credit of the business owner in order to determine whether to issue a credit card or loan. When this happens you are personally liable. Use a credit card to help your business build a positive credit history among other things.

Will I be held personally liable for the business credit card?

A lot of lenders do hold the business owner personally liable for any debt placed on the business credit card. The Social Security Number and the Tax ID, or Employer Identification Number (EIN) that you submit with the application accounts for this and your personal credit report is checked along with the application for the card. Take note that although you might be held liable the business credit card will not show up on your personal credit report. A credit check is done to verify your identify and sometimes even to determine if credit should be extended to you.

Can I submit my application for the business credit card online?

It is possible to submit your application online in a secure environment. You can even compare the available cards online and choose the one that is best for you. Submitting your application online moves the process of application and approval along at a much faster pace.

Do I have to pay an annual fee for a business card?

The majority of business credit cards do have an annual fee but it is possible to find some without an annual fee. Do not dismiss a card because it has an annual fee because sometimes the rewards and benefits offered far outweigh what you would pay for an annual fee.

Can I get my business name on the credit card?

The business name is usually inserted just below the name of the individual cardholder name on every requested card.

How long does it take to get word on the status of my application?

This varies from one provider to the next and also depends on how much information is provided. If the lender needs further clarification or data from you before making a decision they will contact you. This can delay the process so it is important to provide all the information requested when you submit the application. Other than that the application can be processes and approved and your card delivered in 7-10 business days.

Will I get an introductory annual percentage rate (APR)?

Some business credit cards offer an introductory APR that run for several months to one year. Others do not have any sort of low interest introductory offer. Still there are others that offer a low interest rate that runs for the life of the account as long as the cardholder abides by the terms and conditions. Take note that some introductory offer will be immediately be terminated if you violate the terms and conditions like make a single late payment.

Is there a limit on the number of cards that I can request for my company?

If you need to get additional cards for your employees you should look for a provider who will provide this for you with no hassles and no additional costs.

What can I do to protect my business credit card account?

Some lenders provide business card security as an extra service so that you are protected in the event of accidental death, identity theft, hospitalization or temporary interruptions to your business activities. If you plan to issue extra cards to employees protect your account by setting policies for card usage, establishing predetermined limits for employees and closely monitoring purchases on the account. Work with your lender to find out what options are available for setting limits on and monitoring account activities.

What about credit card fraud?

Business credit cards come with a lot of the same protections against fraud as traditional credit cards and in some cases even more than what is offered with traditional cards. You can discuss with your provider options for fraud monitoring, security codes, purchase protection, security layers and extended protection.

Will I receive rewards for my purchases?

This all depends on the type of card that you apply for. Some business credit cards do not have a built in rewards programs and this might not be a bad thing if you are privy to great benefits and a low interest rate. A lot of business rewards credit cards come with interest rates that are higher than the norm. If you can benefit from the rewards then by all means proceed with them. Some rewards that are available include cash back rewards, hotel rewards, dining rewards, discounts on business supplies, travel rewards, gas rewards and even concierge services. The rewards you chose should all depend on the nature of your business and how you can put it to good use to save on your business expenses. Choose a provider who makes it easy to redeem rewards because if you are forced to jump through hoops to get your benefits the card would not be worth the hassle. Finally if you go with a reward card you should ideally aim to pay off your balance monthly to avoid high interest rates which will in effect cancel your rewards. If you are unable to do so then you might want to consider a non-reward card with a low interest rate.

Questions When Choosing A Small Business Credit Card

As a small business owner your credit card can either be a lifesaver or the biggest mistake that you ever make. Getting the most of your business credit card begins with choosing the right one. In your search for a credit card there are six very important questions that you need to ask and get the answers to if you want to choose the right card.

You must also be willing to do a little research and look beyond the APRs and rewards although these features are also very important. You experience as a consumer would go a long way in teaching you the right questions to ask when you begin shopping for a card as a business owner. Below are the six questions that you need to ask when looking for the best card for your business.

Will you be able to use the card in the places that you want to?

If you travel internationally and need the convenience of your card in your travels it would be important to make sure that there would be no restrictions in using the card while you’re there. There have been many reports of credit card companies limiting or cutting off purchases when the card is used internationally. Even worse is that alerting the lender of your upcoming plans to use the card in these seems not to matter one bit.

Check with the provider to make sure that you will not have any problems using the card on your international travels and go one step further and search for reviews regarding this from other cardholders. Doing this beforehand will save you from the hassle and embarrassment of a declined transaction later on or unavailable funds during your travels.

Will you truly benefit from the credit card rewards?

Business owners depend on the business credit rewards to cut costs in the business. This is why it is extremely important to make sure that the rewards you receive will be accessible when you need and truly benefit your business. In some circumstances cash back rewards will serve you better than airline miles especially if you do not have to travel very much for business.

It is a good idea to estimate your spending and calculate the amount of rewards you can expect to receive so you can determine if it will make sense for your business. Other considerations you need to bear in mind are expiration dates for the rewards and charges for redeeming the reward points.

Will you receive other perks that will benefit your business?

The best business cards will offer perks that will save the business money. Those perks can translate into discounts on business products and services or other benefits like travel or concierge services. The services with some programs can be almost as good as having an extra employee! Before you sign on to any provider have them provide you with full details about all the available “extras” that come with the card.

Find out if there are any restrictions or if there are specific criteria that you will need to meet in order to qualify. You might be surprised to find out just how many benefits that there are to be had if you take the time to find out.

Will the card show up on the personal credit report?

If you are making large purchases for your business having the card show on your personal credit report will have a negative effect on your score. This is true even if you pay off the balance. On the other hand a large credit limit that you really touch will have a positive influence. You must understand this and discuss with the lender even before you apply for the card. Weigh this carefully as it could be used to your detriment or for your good.

How good is the service?

It sucks to have a great card with good benefits where the customer care is lacking. What good are benefits if you cannot get access to them? This is why you need to know how responsive the customer service department is to the needs of other small business owners like yourself. Ask around at small business forums online or credit card review sites to gauge the level of service provided by the lender.

What is the length of the grace period provided?

This might seem unimportant until you understand that you can use your card as a low interest or no interest short term loan. Longer grace periods mean that you will have more time to pay off your balance without accruing interest. Find out from the provider what the grace period will be on the account so you will know how much time you have to repay without interest. Grace periods that run from 20-25 days and more are the best there is to be had with credit cards.

Proper Credit Card Use

Credits cards are a convenience, not a crutch. Credit cards are a great way to make purchases and record to the penny your spending. They also provide a way to postpone payment on items and thereby earn more interest on your money.

For example, if you have a money market account that gives you 5% annual interest and you spend $1000 a month through your credit card, you can keep that $1000 in your money market account for an additional month. At the end of a year you would have earned an additional $51.16 for doing nothing.

Now $51 may not be much but it’s free!

Also you can use your credit card statements to keep track of exactly how much you are spending and where your money goes. With some credit cards you can use personal finance software to download your credit card transactions from the Internet right to your home computer.

Credit cards may actually save you money. Some people avoid making purchases if they do not have cash. Cash seems to “burn a hole” in our pockets, it just disappears. It is so easy to spend and it is right there. But a credit card takes more effort and you know that you have to pay the bill later that month.

Your credit card may also offer a rewards program where you get cash back, frequent flyer miles or discounts on services and merchandise.

Credit cards are convenient. Some purchases, especially those on the Internet, will only accept credit card payment. Also you don’t have to continually go to the bank or ATM to get cash.

A credit card also provides a measure of safety. You don’t have to carry large amounts of cash for large purchases. Even if your card or credit card number is stolen, you are not responsible for the thief’s use of your card.

But credit cards can also be a crutch. Too many people see their credit limit not as the maximum amount of debt they can go into, but as an account full of money that they can spend.

Average household consumer credit balances have now topped $7000. The monthly interest charge for a credit card charging 18% interest is over $100. More than $1200 a year just in interest.

And this interest is not like home mortgage interest that you can deduct from your taxes. You are paying an additional 15-36% on top of the $1200 for taxes on the interest you are charged. That brings your interest charge total up to $1400-1600 each year. Even more if your balance or interest rate is higher.

What is silly is that many people who are paying 18% interest rates on credit are also investing in a stock market that only averages 11%. Or worse, keeping money in money market, savings accounts or CDs that only pay .5-3%.

Want an investment that returns over 20%? Invest in paying down your debts. In the above example you can save over 20% with taxes factored in.

Many people have developed the habit of using their credit cards to buy what they want now and paying for it later. They then make only the minimum payments required. Often the minimum payment is set so that you only pay the monthly finance charge (interest) or just a small amount above it.

This will keep people paying that 18% rate for years. A $1000 purchase can end up costing $1500 when paid off after 5 years. Ironically many of these same people will wait months for a sale so that the item’s price goes down 10-20% and then make a purchase on their credit card and end up giving the savings to the credit card company instead.

Sometimes the credit card can lead a person into living a lifestyle that is beyond their means. If a person gets in the habit of dining out two to three times a week and these meals are paid for by credit card, the card balance increases quickly. Often the additional expense was not planned or budgeted. People can even end up spending more each month than the actually earn.

This can continue as long as the credit card balance is below the limit and the person makes their regular monthly payments. But as soon as the credit limit is reached, many credit companies will increase the credit limit and give the person more room to get into debt. I have personally seen a credit card limit expanded by $10,000 within three months.

This cycle can continue until the person is required to make a minimum payment that is more than they can afford. Now not only do they have to cut back on the lifestyle they have grown accustomed to over the years, but they also have to either increase their income or cut out things they enjoyed before increasing their lifestyle with their credit card.

Also what happens if the person is suddenly out of work or has to take a pay cut or lower paying job. That’s right, the credit card bills keep coming. And many people rely on the remainder of their credit limit to supplement their income until they are working again or can find a better paying job.

We have seen this cycle in America increase average credit card balances each year and eat up the equity in many people’s homes. Home equity loans are used as credit cards to live a lifestyle that is beyond people’s means. Or to purchase toys they really can’t afford to buy let alone keep and use.

Or the home equity money is used to “pay off high interest credit card debt” as the ads suggest. But then people continue the habit of living off their credit cards and get right back into debt again.

So what is the answer to America’s growing debt problem? Abolish credit cards? Nationally imposed credit limits?

How about a little old fashioned self-discipline? I know it’s not in style anymore but it is still the best policy.

Bottom line: pay off your credit card balance each month. Don’t buy something now and expect the big end of year bonus to pay off your credit card. Even if you do get it, you will probably spend it on something else.

Don’t fall into the habit of living off your credit cards. If you have $1000 of disposable income to spend each month, whether through a credit card or in cash, only spend the $1000. Don’t try to make up for extra expense this month by assuming you can catch up on your credit card payment next month. It won’t happen.

If you have developed bad credit habits, cut up your credit cards, or only keep one for emergencies and resolve to pay off the balance each month. Then create a plan to get yourself out of debt and stick to it.

You can relieve stress, avoid family conflicts and sleep better at night knowing that there are no credit card wolves howling at your door.

Managing Credit Cards – Business Credit Card Tips & Articles

The Beginning of the Credit Card Era: In 1951, Diners Club issued the first credit card to 200 customers who could use it at 27 restaurants in New York City. From that modest beginning, credit cards have become an indispensable part of modern life. Consumers rely on credit cards to help them achieve their lifestyle goals by letting them take advantage of special bargains, spread payments out over several months, and provide cash in emergencies. Credit cards have become so widespread that they are often accepted as a piece of primary identification.

Getting the most from your credit cards involves four main steps:

* Use your credit cards wisely. * Protect yourself against fraud. * Review your credit history regularly. * Get the right card for your needs.

Use your credit cards wisely Follow these simple tips to get the most from your card.


* Pay your credit card bills on time. This is the single most important thing you can do to preserve and enhance your credit rating. Always pay at least your minimum payment and allow time for your payment to reach the company if you are using the mail.

* If possible, pay off your balance in full each month. If this is not possible, then make as large a payment as you can comfortably afford. Paying off or paying down your balance is a sound financial move—one that will save you money on interest charges.

* If you can’t pay off your balance in full, then slow down on your credit card use for the next while. Take time to step back and have a careful look at how much you earn and how much you spend each month. A little budgeting can save you big money down the road.

* Check your statement carefully each month. Review your statement carefully. Do all the charges look correct? Have any required credits been applied? Are there any unusual or unexpected charges? Your credit card company will correct legitimate errors, but only if you bring them to their attention in a timely manner before you pay your bill.

* Transfer your balance to a card with a lower interest rate. If you have two or more credit cards with outstanding balances, consider moving the outstanding balances to the card with the lowest interest rate. You will save money each month and simplify your record keeping by receiving only one bill.

* Negotiate for a lower rate with your credit card company. If you have a good credit history, you are a valuable asset to your credit card company. Call them and seek ways to lower your interest rate. This is often possible, but never advertised. If the interest rate you are currently paying is very high, imply you may cancel the card and go with a competitor unless they adjust your rate downward. It doesn’t hurt to ask, and you may be surprised at the results.

Protect yourself against fraud

While credit card fraud is a problem, here are a few simple steps you can take to greatly reduce the risk of becoming a victim.


* Sign new cards immediately. When you receive your new or replacement card in the mail, sign it, in ink, right away. If it is a replacement card, destroy the old card by cutting it into many small pieces.

* Shred old credit card receipts. You can purchase an inexpensive paper shredder at an office supply store. All old receipts with your credit card number and any unneeded documents with your social insurance number or other sensitive personal information should be shredded before disposal. This prevents the common practice of criminals going through the trash to find receipts and stealing your identity

* Never fax your credit card number. Your credit card number can lie for hours in the fax basket at the other end. Anyone passing by can record your number and begin to use your card number fraudulently. It is even possible for criminals to intercept your credit card number while the fax is in transmission.

* Use caution when giving your credit card number out on the phone or on the Internet. Only give out your credit card number on telephone calls you initiate to business or organizations you trust. Never give your number out to callers who call unannounced, no matter how legitimate the call sounds.

* On the Internet, look for an Internet address that begins https:\\. The “s” indicates that it is a secure connection and a small padlock symbol should appear in the bottom right hand corner of your screen, indicating it is safe to transmit your credit card number.

* Call your credit card company instantly if you suspect trouble. All credit card companies have 24 hour lost and stolen help lines. If you lose your wallet or purse or have it stolen, call without delay! Much fraud happens within the first hour or two, before the victim realizes the cards are missing. Your credit card company will block your cards from being used and stop you from being responsible for any charges thieves incur.

* Take advantage of any security features your card offers. Many newer cards have the option of including your photograph on the card. This is excellent protection and is highly recommended.

Review your credit history regularly

After you have obtained the bes t credit card, and are using it wisely, review your credit history on a regular basis. This helps ensure your history is accurate and that any issues have been resolved to your satisfaction.

North America has three national credit-reporting bureaus. Your credit rating is held at one or more of these bureaus. When checking on your rating, be sure to contact all three, as your rating may be held on file at more than one bureau. The three national credit bureaus are Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union. Check the Yellow Pages, under Credit to find the numbers in your area.

Get the right card

With all the choices in cards available, chances are good,very good, you can find a better card for your needs. Today’s cards can save you money, offer better features, and even support a cause you believe in. Here are some tips on finding the right card and where to check that you have the best card for your needs.


* 4 Be alert for companies offering a great interest rate for transferring your existing balance to their card. Usually these rates are only in effect for a short time, often six months. At the end of this time, the rate can revert to a much higher permanent rate. Keep your eye on the Annual Percentage Rate (APR); this is the figure that counts in the long run.

* Lower is better: read the fine print and find the Annual Percentage Rate (APR). This is the interest rate the companies charge you if you carry a balance. You want the lowest rate possible; as each percentage point drop will save you money on the months you have an outstanding balance.

* Nothing can be better: Try for a credit card that does not charge an annual fee. Many credit cards charge you a fee each year to use their cards. While this may be offset by other benefits the card may offer, you can find cards that do not charge this annual fee. Why pay for the privilege of using a credit card when you don’t have to?

* Explore the options: Today’s cards offer a wide range of excellent features, including frequent flier points, programs that bank points toward a new car, and cards that support charitable organizations. Other options worth having include car rental insurance coverage, trip cancellation coverage, and extended warranty coverage.

Pros And Cons Of Using Business Credit Cards

Business credit cards continue to be the number one source of funding for small businesses. This is with good reason since small business owners can easily have access to funds to meet their business needs. In order for business credit cards to be truly beneficial they must be managed wisely if the business owner does not want to be stuck using their business profits to pay off costly interest charges.

Understanding the Difference Between Credit Cards and A Line Of Credit

There are marked differences between small business credit cards and a loan. They are outlined below.

  • With credit cards the line of credit revolves. As long as the card is valid and you make payments the money is there to use over and over again. With loans the credit line is fixed so that once you pay if off you need to apply for another loan.
  • Loans would normally provide higher limits at lower rates of interests than what is offered with a credit card.
  • Where loans will require some sort of collateral to be used as security for the loan, credit cards provide an unsecured line of credit. The cardholder will need to sign a form which makes them liable for repaying any charges made to the card.

Advantages of Business Credit Cards

Business owners can expect the following advantages with business credit cards:

Easier To Qualify For Than Traditional Loans: Many business owners turn to business credit cards after failing to qualify repeatedly for traditional loans. The requirements for getting a business credit card is a lot less stringent and this appeals to business owners who might be in urgent need to funding for their businesses.

Business Credit Cards Provide A Ready Source of Funding: Business owners appreciate the availability of this source of funding when there is an emergency or when cash flow is low.

Business Credit Cards Are Convenient: Instead of writing a million checks or having to use cash, business credit cards is a convenient way to pay for business purchases and keep track of money spent. The convenience extends to making purchases online which will be almost impossible without using a business credit or debit card.

Easily Keep Track of Expenses: Business credit cards include built in tools to make it easier for business owners to keep track of expenses. The monthly statement will include purchases categorized according to predefined categories. The online management of reports makes it easy to integrate with most accounting software and the yearend sum makes bookkeeping a breeze if all the purchases are added to that one card. Business credit cards also provide a way to keep track of employee spending.

Business Credit Cards Provide Rewards and Incentives: From discounts at retailers to airline miles and cash back incentives business credit card rewards are available to meet any every business owner’s needs.

Establish Business Credit: When used responsibly business credit cards will help to build an excellent credit rating for the business. This is why it is important to pay the bill on time, stay within the credit limit and to pay more than the minimum payment so that an excellent credit rating is established. Once you do this it will then be easier to qualify for a loan or get better interest rates on any future credit cards.

Disadvantages of Business Credit Cards

There are a few downsides to using business credit cards. Consider those listed below before you go out and get one.

They Cost More: Credit cards are convenient but the convenience costs. The interest rates on a credit card could be as much as 5% over that of traditional loans. It could be a lot more if you maintain a high balance on the card. Plus if you are late on payments, use cash advances or go over the credit card limit you could wind up allocating a whole lot of your business profits to credit card fees.

Personal Legal Liability: When you apply for a business credit card you might be asked to accept personal responsibility for repaying the card if you go out of business. This could affect your personal credit negatively if you cannot repay the debt.

Little or No Protection: It is important to understand as a business owner that the protection offered on consumer credit cards might not be the same for business credit cards. This means that you may not have dispute resolution if there are errors in the transaction or if you are not satisfied with merchandise purchased. Find out the level of protection that you will receive before you apply for a business credit card.

Changes In Interest Rates: Business credit card providers can vary rates on your business credit cards at will. They will do this based your spending and the way that the account is managed.

After carefully considering the advantages and disadvantages of business credit cards small business owners need to carefully think about what they need, compare the terms offered from various providers and manage the card wisely to avoid unnecessary fees if they decide to get one.

Business Credit Card Terminology You Should Know About

You are told to read the terms and conditions of your business credit card before you send in your application. There are times though when the application is riddled with terminology that you cannot make sense of the content written within. This glossary that we have put together for you will help you to understand some of the common terms, phrases and acronyms used in the industry.

Account Number – This is the unique number that is assigned to you as the customer by the credit card company. You can locate the account number on the front of the credit card.

Adjusted Balance – The adjusted balance is a balance that reflects payments subtracted that were made on the account and includes any finance charges that is incurred on the account.

Additional Cardholder – With most credit card accounts even small business credit cards it is possible to add extra card holders to the account. The primary owner still remains liable for payments on the account. All purchases are reflected on the account statement.

Annual Fee – The annual or yearly fee is the cost for having the credit card. This is a separate fee from interest charges and is waived by some providers.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) – When a balance is carried over from month to month a yearly percentage rate is calculated and added to the balance owed.

Authorization – Retailer will sometimes need to seek authorization for some transactions that go above the purchase limit. This is secured either through telephone or electronically. It is used in an effort to minimize fraud. Once the transaction is approved the credit limit is reduced by the authorized amount.

Authorization Amount – Currency amount approved.

Authorization Code – This is a code that is issued to reference the authorization request that may have been approved or denied.

Balance Transfer – This is the process of moving one or several outstanding balances from one or several credit accounts to another credit account. This is usually done to get lower interest rates.

Balance Transfer Fee – This is the cost that is charged by the credit card provider for processing a balance transfer. The fee can range between 1-5% and is waived by many credit card providers.

Billing Cycle – Usually runs from 28-31 days and is the time between billing cycles.

Billing statement – A record of all the transactions for an account that is prepared and mailed by the financial institution once a month.

Card Reader – A device that reads the encoding on the back of plastic credit cards.

Cash Advance – A cash loan that is taken from the credit card using an ATM or bank withdrawal.

Cash Advance Fee – All cash advances incur and extra fee usually 3%. The finance charges on cash advances are calculated at a different rate to other purchases charged to the card. This rate is more than the normal interest rate.

Cash Back Rewards – When credit or debit card holders are given cash back incentives for using their cards this is termed cash back rewards.

Chargeback Period – The issuer can initiate a chargeback as long as it is within a specified number of days from the transaction date. This is known as the chargeback period.

Credit Limit – This is the preset spending limit that is issued by the credit card provided. It is the amount that you are able to charge to the card without attracting fees. It is also referred to as the credit line.

Finance Charge – These are the charges that can be billed to you during your use of the credit card. Some finance charges include balance transfer fees, cash advance fees, late fees, over limit fees, etc..

Fixed Rate (or Fixed APR) – A fixed rate ARP is a interest rate that remains the same throughout the year. It is quite different from variable rates which can change at the will of the credit card provider.

Gas Rebate Credit Card – A reward type credit card that provides savings on gasoline and other gasoline related purchases to cardholders.

Grace Period – The typical grace period falls somewhere between 10-28 days and it is the time that you have to repay your balance without being charged a finance or late fee.

Introductory Rate (or Intro APR) – A lowered annual percentage rate that only lasts for a short period. After this time the introductory rate is changed.

Merchant – An entity through which contracts with the merchant banks originate.

Minimum Payment – This the lowest amount that the credit card provider requires you to pay on the card statement from month to month.

No Annual Fee – A credit card account where the providers waives the annual fee for cardholders.

Online Bill Payment – A secure interface where cardholders can view their transactions and statements online and securely pay their credit card bill over the internet.

Over Limit – An account that has been charged beyond the credit limit of the card. In other words the balance owed to the credit card company is beyond the credit limit.

Over Limit Fee – The over limit fee is the fee that is charged by all credit card companies when cardholders exceed their limit.

PIN (Personal Identification Number) – Similar to a password the PIN is a sequence of digits that is used to identify the holder of the account during a transaction.

Pre-approved – A conditional offer to provide credit to some who has been prequalified based on a abbreviated credit bureau report. A more detailed credit report is required upon which credit would be granted if the applicant qualifies.

Primary Account Number (PAN) – The number that is embossed on the credit card to identify the card issuer and the cardholder account number.

Processing Date – This is the date in which the credit card transaction is processed by the acquiring bank.

Secured Credit Cards – Secured credit cards are usually covered by collateral like a monetary deposit or property. People who have no credit history or those with bad credit can use secured credit cards to establish or reestablish good credit.

Travel Rewards – These are savings incentives issued to cardholders of airline miles credit cards. The cardholders earn travel rewards that they can use for free or discounted tickets.

Variable Interest Rate – Sometimes referred to as a floating rate, the interest on variable interest rate cards adjust up or down based on economic factors.

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How to make money suggests how to make money and make cash through work at home. Get the tips on home based business opportunities and other business opportunities to earn money and make cash.

ISO 14000 internal auditor
MSI international guides ISO 14000 internal auditor of the organizations to achieve the ISO 14000 Environmental Management Systems Standard. We provide ISO consulting services seeking for ISO 9000 certification also.

Promotional inflatable items including giant inflatable balloons, product replicas, sports products, chairs, used as promotional and outdoor advertising for your products.

Investment properties
A professional property investment company, specialising in off-plan property sourcing

Logo Design, Business Stationery & Cards Design, Brochure Design provides the complete printing service for all your full color stationary: letterheads, envelopes, flyers, brochures, greeting cards, postcards, business card, logo design and other stationery.

Make Money » Online Income Resources
Find income, business, marketing, webmaster, and educational resources. Plus payday loans, work-at-home – make money online opportunities, free seo tools, downloads, articles, and much more…

National Do Not Call Registry
Keep telemarketers at bay. Put your phone number on the National Do Not Call Registry. Making money on the internet.
Easy ways to earn cash on the internet. Top earning affiliate programs all free to join!

Partners in Growth
Resources and Information on Small Business – Opportuities, Articles, eBooks, Press Release, Tools and More

Patent US are an internet based advisoryorganisation dedicated to informing inventors on the procedures of patenting designs and ideas.

Pay Day Advance
The best source for quick cash advance and payday loans online.

Perception Research
UK based public relations company and consultancy (PR agency in London, UK) specialising in corporate communications, crisis management, brand management, investor relations, media relations, reputation management, business to business pr, perception research and international public relations. Exclusive consultancy service for corporate financial

Pharmacy Affiliate Programs
Welcome to drugs affiliate, we list the best online pharmacy affiliate programs on the market. This site gives you an unbaised comparision of all pharmacy affiliate programs, made by experts in this area.

Real estate investors
Group of real estate investors that purchases property all over the US can be discovered at We buy homes and are specially equipped to help people looking for selling homes colorado and phoenix home buyers.

Reorder Personal Checks, Designer Checks, Business Checks
Reorder your personal, business checks, labelsor supplies online – lots of choices at a fraction of the cost!

SAS Graphic Design
Invitations, business cards, logos, letterheads, flyers, brochures, and associated printing. From your mind’s eye to a custom finished product without costing an arm and a leg.

San Luis Obispo real estate agents
Get listed at San Luis Obispo real estate directory and let others find about your property.

Scavenger Hunt
Scavenger Hunt Anywhere is the leading provider of corporate team building scavenger hunts.

School Fundraisers
Fundraising ideas for schools, churches, and non-profit groups.

Small Business Financing Resource – Connexx Club International
A funding and venture capital resource for start-up businesses. Connects investors/entrepreneurs. Total Marketing services backed by 40 years experience.

Southern california real estate
Find out information on Southern california real estate, Beverly hills real estate and of Los Angeles area in We have a team of bright, knowledgeable and experienced Realtors providing its consumers with unparalleled service and results.

Surplus Stock
Self Trading Company buy and sell surplus stock, bankrupt stock and manufactures excess products.

Template Affiliate Program
You can make from 5 to 35% in commission on every sale you refer from your web site.

Trade show booths
Pop-up and panel system trade show displays distributor. Provides online quote request form.

Variable Auto Transformers (Variac)
Leading manufacturers and exporters of Variable Transformers, Auto transformers, Variac, Voltage Stabilizers and other electrical products.

venture capital & voip
everything you need to know about venture capital & voip – Business Opportunity And Business Opportunities & Reciprocal Links
Business opportunity resource site offering proven home-business ideas, business opportunities and strategies related to the work at home business opportunity industry. Please join our reciprocal link pages.

Business Credit Cards – Insurance Resources & Links

# 1 Affordable California Health Insurance
Presents Californians with a number of health insurance choices. Find quotes on individual, family, and group health insurance and links to government assisted programs

# 1 Arizona Health Insurance
Arizona residents will find links to health insurance quotes, plan comparisons, and benefit information for individuals, students, families, and groups

# 1 Colorado Health Insurance
Colorado health insurance resource features links to quotes and benefit information for individual health insurance, family health insurance and group health insurance plans

# 1 Florida Health Insurance
Features information and links related to Florida health insurance for individuals, students, families, and small groups

# 1 Georgia Health Insurance
Presents Georgia residents with a number of health insurance choices. Find links to quotes and information on individual, family, and group plans

#1 Illinois Health Insurance
Illinois health insurance resource offers quotes, benefit comparisons, and information for individuals, families, and small employer group health insurance plans

#1 Indiana Health Insurance
Site provides links to resources to enable consumers to get quotes and benefit information for Indiana health insurance

#1 Nevada Health Insurance
Get a Nevada Health Insurance Quote or a California Health Insurance Quote. Features individual health insurance, group health insurance and family health insurance.

#1 Ohio Health Insurance
Ohio residents will find a number of health insurance choices with the help of this site that provides links to quotes on individual, family, and group health insurance

#1 Oregon Health Insurance
Get Oregon health insurance quotes for individual, group, dental, and senior insurance plans. Companies include Blue Cross Blue Shield, Lifewise, Clarendon, and Fortis

#1 Texas Health Insurance
Presents Texans with a number of health insurance choices. Search for quotes on individual, family, and group health insurance

#1 Virginia Health Insurance
Features links to Virginia health insurance resources, including quotes, for individuals, students, families, and small groups

A Term Life Insurance Quotation
Get a term life insurance quotation in 5 seconds.

Affordable COBRA Insurance – Health Insurance
Competetive health insurance quotes! Cobra insurance quotes from major plans plus a wide selection of quality short term, student, travel and dental plans.

Affordable Dental Plan
Affordable dental plans for individuals, groups, and businesses.

Affordable Health Insurance Quotes for Individuals
Resource explains a wide range of topics in a simple manner.Learn about deductibles, latest health insurance developments in US and much more!

Auto Insurance
At easyautopart, everything auto is our motto.

Auto Insurance Quotes
Offers auto insurance quotes for all fifty states.

Auto Insurance Quotes
Compare auto and car insurance quotes to get the best deal.

Benefit Specialist
Specializing in California health insuranceCalifornia health insurance– individual health insurance, group health insurance — California Choice, Kaiser, Blue Cross Blue Shield, CIGNA, Cal Farm, HealthNet, PacifiCare, Universal Care, HIPC, PacAdvantage, Aetna

Canadian Health and Dental Insurance
Affordable Canadian Health, Dental, Travel InsuranceFree, instant online quotes for health, dental, and travel insurance. Employee benefits, individual health insurance, travel medical insurance (international and Canadian), critical and LTD insurance.

Canadian Term and Whole Life Insurance Online
Canadian term life insurance and whole life insurance. Instant, free, online quotes. Estate planning and wealth management via whole life insurance. Online term life policy, cheap rates.

Car Insurance : Cheap Car Insurance UK
UK car insurance online, apply now for the cheapest and best car, home and travel insurance deals at Insure121 now.

Car Insurance Quotes
Offers auto and car insurance quotes in all fifty states.

Cheap Life Insurance
Quote life insurance allows you to request Life Insurance Quotes, Cheap life insurance and much much more all online

Cheap Life Insurance, Life Insurance Quotes
Mortgage Life Insurance Online provides you access to Mortgage Insurance and Life Insurance all online. You can request life insurance quotes and mortgage insurance quotes whilst you’re on the site.

Cheap Motor Insurance
If you want the best, cheap motor insurance in the industry, give us a call or get a quote online. We have special offers running all the time and have years of experience of saving YOU money.

Cheap Van Insurance
We offerCheap Van Insurance, so why not get a quote online or call us today. We could save you £££’s every year.

Cheapest Life Insurance, life cover
We provide a massive life insurance information resource along with allowing our clients to request life insurance quotes online

Critical illness insurance
Get a great deal on critical illness insurance from Critical Illness Safeguard.

Disability Insurance
Protect your income with disability insurance. Income protection through disability insurance is a good idea for those who make money – what would happen to your family if you were in an accident?

Free Insurance Quotes – Cheap Car, Home, Life Rates
Compare up to five quotes for Car Insurance, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, and more, all from agents in your hometown.

Health & Auto Insurance Quotes Online
Online directory of industry leading insurance providers ranging from Health & Life to Renters & Pet Insurance. saves you time and money when searching for insurance.

Health Insurance
Get a health insurance quote from ExtendOne. Affordable individual health insurance and health savings accounts.

Health Insurance Quotes
Offers health insurance plans for individuals and families nationwide.

Health Insurance Quotes from 1StopShopping4Insurance
Provides health insurance quotes for individual, family, and group coverage in the United States, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Texas, and Virginia

Home Insurance and home insurance quotes
Need Home Insurance? Visit Lloyds Insurance Underwriting to get the lowest home insurance and home content quotes in the UK – we have the two cheapest insurance providers providing low cost Home and Contents quotes for all.

Insurance Quotes
Looking for Insurance Quotes, cheap home insuranceor any other form of cover?

Life Insurance
Life Insurance information and quotes from Our friendly professional staff will help you with explanations on competitive term life insurance quotes or whole life insurance quotes.

Life Insurance Quotes
Rhino Life Insurance provides a massive resource of articles based around life insurance. We also enable you to request quotes for life insurance online

Life Insurance Quotes, Cheap Life Insurance
Get great deals on cheap life assurance policies. Request a quote from UK Life Insurance Cover.

Life assurance, life cover
Get quotes for life assurance, life insurance, mortgage insurance and much much more all from Lives Assured

Life insurance, cheap life insurance quotes
Cheap Term Life Insurance Quotes offers you the very cheapest life insurance quotes availiable in the UK today.

Life insurance, life insurance quotes
We providse a huge resource for people searching for life insurance. Browse through our articles, read up in our FAQ section or just request life insurance quotes – we have something for everyone!

Long Term Care Insurance
Offers quotes for long term care insurance throughout the U.S.

Medical Insurance
Medical Insurance made affordable from The leading internet provider of medical insurance with unmatched prices for individual and family medical insurance coverage.

Medical Insurance Quotes
Offers health and medical insurance quotes throughout the U.S.

Mortgage Protection, Life Insurance and Mortgage Life Insurance
Protect your mortgage with life insurance. Cheap Life insurance Quotes.

Motor Insurance
for the top motor insurance resources in the UK.

Motorbike Insurance
Cheap Online Motorbike Insurance in the UK.

Online Car Insurance
Tips and resources for getting the best rates

Online Insurance Quote
Articles and information about all types of insurance.

Online Insurance Quote
Insurance enables to cover a loss or accident due to misfortune. The payments come from a fund of money contributed by all the holders of individual insurance policies.

Paymentcare – loan ,mortgage and payment protection insurance, ASU, LASU
Paymentcare provides Insurance cover for Loan Payment Protection Insurance, Income protection Insurance, Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance protecting you against accident,sickness and unemployment.

Senior Settlement
ViaTrust gets senior over 65 the real cash value of their life insurance policy.

Travel Insurance
Travel insurance at great prices for residents of over 40 countries and in four languages. Instant cover available online from one of the best known worldwide brands of travel insurance.

Travel Insurance
Which policy represents real value for money foryou, while providing the kind of cover your holiday plans necessitate?

UK General Practitioners
We provide Health care specialists with excellent recruitment and retention success in UK. Team24 is your solution to business success

Rely on ViaTrust Viatical Settlements for all viatical broker needs.

Womens Car Insurance
We offer womens car insurance with a PRICE PROMISE!! If you want the cheapest womens car insurance, all you need to do is make one call or get an online quote.

Young Driver Car Insurance
Young Driver Car Insurance doesn’t get any cheaper than this. This company offers online quotes as well as a telephone service, so if you want to drive something that’s got a bit more power, give them a call today.

Your Doorway to Life Insurance, Health Insurance And Financial Services
Esure Financial is committed to helping you obtain on-line term life insurance, permanent health insurance, short term / temporary medical coverage, travel medical, international major medical, ID theft protection, discount legal and other financial services.
3 Easy Steps to Health Insurance. Get Quotes. Compare Plans. Apply Online!
Your Online Insurance Resource Center for Car insurance, buy cheap car insurance online today. Get your new Auto Insurance online now. You’ll also find Life Insurance, Health Insurance,Travel Insurance, Home Insurance, Dental Insurance, Child Insurance Plans, Policy, Quote, Information and more.